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5 Reasons Why your AC is Not Cooling Properly

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  • Air conditioners need timely maintenance and cleaning

  • ACs function via dehumidification and require closed rooms

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  • Understand the reasons for you AC not cooling the room

With the summer heat beating down on you all day, the last thing you’d want to get home to be an air conditioner that isn’t cooling adequately. Here, it is important to understand that your AC, no matter whether it is a split AC or a window AC, relies on multiple factors to cool efficiently and when it fails, there are just as many variables at play. There could be several reasons behind your AC not cooling the room properly, such as, the AC could be poorly maintained or a key component like the compressor may be damaged. Hence, to stay immune from AC problems, the appliance must be maintained regularly, especially before the summer because of how extensively you use them.

Also keep in mind that with every passing year, the technology in these machines evolves to better suit the market and beat competition. So, an AC from the early 2000s’ will feature outdated technology and is a lot more susceptible to breakdowns simply because it has outlived its time. Furthermore, it would be unwise to assume that a room is warm only because of an underperforming AC. These machines function optimally only when certain conditions are met and just like with any other machine, you must do your part to enjoy the benefits.

Reasons Why your AC is not Cooling?

To understand why your AC may not be cooling properly, here are a few common factors you should know about.

1. Irregular Maintenance that Causes Malfunction

An essential practice in ensuring optimal function and the long life of your AC is to have it periodically maintained by a professional. These check-ups ensure that any technical trouble such as refrigerant leakages, compressor damage, or condenser coil faults are attended to immediately. All of these technical issues directly contribute to an underperforming AC.

2. Improper AC Unit Placement

Split AC units have two major components, the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. Both these units must be optimally placed to ensure they can serve their function without any hitches. In the case of the indoor unit, you need to consider the size of the room. An AC unit placed designed to cater to a medium-sized room will not efficiently cool a large-sized room. Additionally, you shouldn’t have the indoor unit over heat sources or windows as these are a source of humid air. In the case of the outdoor unit, you must ensure that it is kept away from direct sunlight. The increase in temperature from sunlight exposure causes the compressor to overheat and shutdown altogether.

3. Unclean Air Filters and Condenser Coils

Dirty air filters and condenser coils negatively impact the ability of an AC to cool a room. The dirt and debris that accumulates on the filter and coils trap heat and restrict air flow. This trapped heat causes the unit to overheat and underperform.

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4. Excessively Ventilated Rooms

ACs function by dehumidifying the area they cool. This means that the existing humid air is run through the evaporator and chemically cooled and circulated. This process repeats itself until the room is at the desired temperature. Rooms that aren’t sealed off will hamper this process as the constant supply of humid air will keep the AC from doing its job optimally.

5. Improper Heat Insulation and Incandescent Light

A key measure to take in ensuring your AC cools your room efficiently is to ensure that the room is free of unnecessary sources of heat. This means that windows exposed to direct sunlight should be tinted or covered by reflective drapes and incandescent lights must be replaced to more efficient LED lights. These emit a significantly lower amount of heat and will also save you some money on utility bills.

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All of the reasons mentioned above are common oversights that are responsible for a warm, clammy room. Following these simple solutions is a great way to enjoy the full benefits of your AC during summer. However, air conditioners get inefficient with time and tend to cost you a lot more in utility bills.
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