Mortgage Loan For Self-Employed - How To Use The Money For Business Activities?

Bajaj Finserv offers different types of Mortgage Loans with high loan amounts for the borrower to both financially meet personal and professional needs. Business owners can use this Mortgage Loan for self- employed to fund their business operations.

Also known as Loan Against Property for self-employed, it successfully meets the expansion needs of a business.

Uses of a Mortgage Loan for Business Activities –

  1. For Business Expansion
    Use the funds from a Loan Against Property to finance your business expansion. Establish a new office branch, hire staff and install necessary equipment with a high loan value of up to Rs. 3.5 Crore.

  2. Renovation Of Office Space
    Meet any renovation requirements of your office space such as new furniture and fixtures, redesigned interiors, workstation updates and more with the Bajaj Finserv home renovation loan.

  3. Installation Of Advanced Equipment And Machinery
    Advanced machinery and equipment are crucial to maintain business efficiency in today’s competitive market. Avail a loan at affordable Mortgage Loan rates and repay conveniently with flexible repayment tenure to finance upgraded equipment.

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  4. Recruitment Of Qualified Personnel
    Hire fresh talents with higher qualifications to make your business more productive. Cover the required expenditures with the Bajaj Finserv Mortgage Loan.

  5. Meeting Working Capital Needs
    Meet your working capital needs and maintain optimum cash flow with this loan. Know the Mortgage Loan eligibility criteria and documentation requirements to avail it with ease.

  6. To Stock Up Inventory
    Keep your business’s inventory stocked up with the funds obtained through this loan.

  7. Investing In Marketing And Advertisement
    With no end-use restrictions, you can utilise the loan amount to finance your marketing and advertising campaigns necessary to improve revenue generation.
  8. So, fill up the online application form for a Mortgage Loan for self-employed to get hassle-free approval and disbursal within 4 days from the date of approval.