How to Invest in Lal Dora Property?

Lal Dora land in the Delhi NCR region is an attractive zone for investment. It has its origin back in 1908 when a red thread was used for property classification. Presently, the Lal Dora Aabadi or habitation covers approximately 360 villages and their extensions around Delhi.

Check out the reasons why investing in a Lal Dora property or land is lucrative.

Reasons To Invest In Lal Dora Property In Delhi:

  • It does not come under municipality regulations

Unlike other regions of Delhi, the Lal Dora Aabadi does not come under municipal jurisdictions. After required approvals, both commercial and residential properties can be constructed here without municipal interference.

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  • You Only Need A Lal Dora Certification For Property Ownership

You do not need to register for property purchase in this region. Obtain a Lal Dora Certification from Delhi district authorities to claim your ownership. Finance your purchases with Mortgage Loan from Bajaj Finserv against minimum eligibility and documents.

  • Land And Property Prices Are Way Lower In The Zone

Land and property in this zone are available at up to 1/4th of the property sale prices in other regions of Delhi. Investing in land or property here thus becomes affordable.

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  • It Is Well-Connected To Commercial Areas In Delhi

Another reason to invest in Lal Dora land and property in Delhi is its proximity to important commercial areas in Delhi. It is well-connected to them through roadways.

So, invest in a Lal Dora land with Loan Against Property from Bajaj Finserv and acquire ownership with a Lal Dora Certification with ease.