Loan Against Property: Procedure and Must Dos

When it comes to an all-purpose credit in India, a loan against property is among the most feasible options available. You can cover expenditures involved in education, healthcare, wedding, business, debt consolidation, and more as such loans come with no end-usage restriction. Bajaj Finserv offers this secured loan at a relatively lower rate of interest.

To avail this Mortgage Loan, you must do the following –

1. Select the Type of Mortgage

Select the right type of mortgage to keep as collateral against the loan. You can provide commercial property, residential property or even a piece of land you own.

2. Meet All the Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility criteria are vital parameter borrowers should meet to enjoy the best Property Loan rates, features and benefits. Bajaj Finserv brings easy-to-fulfil eligibility criteria making the credit more accessible. These are based on age, employment status and nationality.

Go through the loan against property eligibility criteria and documents required before applying for a Loan Against Property. Use our online Eligibility Calculator to know the amount you can borrow. You can also use the EMI Calculator online to plan your EMIs and hence your monthly finances.

3. Submit Your Loan Application Online

Once you qualify for the Property Loan, proceed to apply in the following process.

  • Fill up the application form online with accurate details.
  • It takes only 24 hours for our representatives to reach you.
  • Get approval of your loan application within 48 hours.
  • Submit all essential documents to Bajaj Finserv’s representatives.

If the verification process goes well, the fund shall be disbursed within 4 days of approval. Repay over a flexible tenure at attractive mortgage rates and charges.

Borrowers of Mortgage Loan can get access to property dossier and receive guidance on all technical and legal aspects of property ownership.

So, know how to apply for loan against property and meet your diverse needs effortlessly.