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How is Reverse Mortgage a Boon for Senior Citizens?

A reverse mortgage loan is a type of credit availed against a mortgage property specifically suited for senior citizens. The borrower is sanctioned a certain percentage of the property value as the loan which is disbursed to him/her periodically. Such a credit is tailor-made to provide the basic financial requirements of a pensioner or a retired individual.

With a reverse mortgage, the borrower can avail funds in the form of monthly payments to cover any emergency or periodic expense.

Reasons Why Reverse Mortgage is a Boon for Senior Citizens

  • A senior citizen who has availed a reverse mortgage loan can continue to live in the mortgaged house even after the loan tenure expires. A settlement only happens if the borrower passes away.
  • In case both the spouses are co-applicants, disbursals to one spouse will continue even after the other passes away.

With no immediate liability for repayment, a senior citizen can make the most of this reverse mortgage scheme as long as he/she lives.

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Simple Eligibility Criteria

  1. Age at least 60 years.
  2. The property to be mortgaged should not carry any liability or litigation issues.
  3. It should be the applicant’s permanent residence & at least 20 years old.

Apply for this loan and gift yourself and your spouse a secure post-retirement life.

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