Bajaj Finserv Customer Care in Mayiladuthurai

Being one of the major financial institutions in Mayiladuthurai, we are responsible for providing proactive and convenient customer support to residents' loan-related queries. You can now leverage our Bajaj customer My Account portal to pay off instalments, know repayment status, download NOCs, etc. This portal also ensures uncompromised customer support so that you can resolve your doubts and mitigate grievances at any time. Let’s discover how to convey your queries and grievances through this all-around portal:

Features of Bajaj Finserv Customer Portal

Before knowing the steps to convey your doubts, learn some of the most important features of this Bajaj Finserv customer care portal – My Account.

  • Check loan details

    Check loan details

    From this single platform, you can be aware of various details about your ongoing loans, such as their interest rate, instalment amount, repayment timetable, etc. So, you can make yourself ready for the upcoming financial obligations by viewing all these aspects.

  • Update your KYC details

    Update your KYC details

    We have now made KYC updating effortless for you. For this, you need to log in to this portal and submit the necessary details in the KYC application form. It will ask you to mention the unique number of your voter ID card, PAN card, Aadhaar card, contact details, etc.

  • Part-prepay or foreclose your loans

    Part-prepay or foreclose your loans

    The Bajaj Finserv customer care portal empowers you to repay your instalments in advance to reduce your interest outgo. So, you are now able to partly pre-pay EMIs or close your loan as you prefer from this multi-usage portal.

  • Check your EMI Card details

    Check your EMI Card details

    We have also integrated the option to check your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card status in this portal. It will give a real-time update about the balance you have already used from your credit limit. Thus, you can stay alert of the payables in the upcoming month.

    Along with all these features, this all-around Bajaj Finserv My Account platform also lets you convey your grievances and questions to us.

Bajaj Finserv Customer Care Details – Mayiladuthurai

We, at Bajaj Finserv, believe in assisting our customers as our top priority. You can get your queries resolved in no time by sending the same to the following platforms.

Customer portal (My Account)

Bajaj Finserv customer portal – My Account can give you an easy-to-access platform in which you can get complete assistance from our end to resolve your complexities.

For sending us any sort of inconveniences, you need to ensure successful Bajaj Finserv login by undergoing these steps:

Step 1 - Go to our Bajaj Finserv customer care portal -My Account
Step 2 - Put in your login ID, which can be your customer ID, email ID or mobile number
Step 3 - Authenticate either by OTP received in your registered mobile number or by password

After your successful login into this portal, you can go to the relevant option for raising doubts or grievances to us on the main menu. You can also avail of this same service through our mobile app.

Bajaj Finserv app

Here are the steps that you must follow for conveying your inconveniences:

Step 1 - Make sure to finish the Bajaj Finserv customer login process first by giving your customer credentials
Step 2 - Access the option titled ‘Help and Support’
Step 3 - Mention the product for which you seek our assistance
Step 4 - Select the query and subquery from the listed options
Step 5 - Describe your question or grievance in detail
Step 6 - Submit this query form

Raise a request

You can also get our assistance by visiting Raise a Request. After visiting this URL, you need to complete the following procedure to leave your queries to us.

For existing customers:

Step 1 - Opening the URL, you need to click on ‘Yes’ for confirming that you have already taken loans from us and have the My Account account

After affirming this, you will be taken to the customer care – My Account portal.

Step 2 - Sign in with your existing credentials of this customer care platform
Step 3 - Select the query type, briefly describe it and raise the request

For new users:

Step 1 - Affirm with 'No' to the given question
Step 2 - Mention your contact information (your mobile number and email ID)
Step 3 - Select the product for which you want our help
Step 4 - Choose the category of the query and the subquery
Step 5 - Write the CAPTCHA code correctly
Step 6 - Submit the duly filled in form

View your pre-approved offers

We, at Bajaj Finserv, give special benefits to our existing customers with pre-approved offers. You can view this specialised loan offer from this Bajaj Finserv customer portal. We ensure a quick loan application process when you accept this personalised benefit.

You need to complete the following stepwise procedure to avail of these pre-approved offers:

Step 1 - Make sure you follow the Bajaj Finserv customer login procedure mentioned above properly
Step 2 - Go to ‘pre-approved offers’ present on the main menu
Step 3 - Fill in the respective boxes with the required contact information and name
Step 4 - Confirm that you accept the terms and conditions by clicking on the provided box

Upon completing this procedure, you will be able to view the personalised loan offer.

Thus, you can now leverage this easy-to-use My Account portal to send all your queries and inform us of your inconveniences regarding our services and products. This will reduce your physical endeavours to reach Bajaj Finserv customer care offices in Mayiladuthurai.

To understand resolutions for grievances you may face, please refer to the following:

Frequently asked questions

What can I do if I forget my password in the Bajaj Finserv customer portal?

You can regenerate your password easily from this Bajaj customer My Account portal if you forget it. For this, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1 - Visit the My Account portal and enter your login ID (customer ID or mobile number)
Step 2 - Click on ‘Password’
Step 3 - Select the 'Forgot Password' option on the next page
Step 4 - Re-enter your login ID
Step 5 - Tap on ‘Generate OTP’
Step 6 - Fill in the OTP and tap on ‘Agree and Login’

After this, you can change your password in the next window.