Bajaj Finserv SOA

An SOA or statement of account summarises your loan transaction history. The purpose of this document is to help you have a detailed idea of your loan account activity. SOA is available in both printed and electronic formats. Thus, one can get it from the financial institution or receive it via registered email ID.

How to download the Bajaj Finserv SOA?

You just need to login through your registered mobile number and the OTP and download the statement of account.

  1. 1 Visit My Account - Bajaj Finance customer portal.
  2. 2 Enter your registered mobile number and the OTP.
  3. 3 Verify your details with your date of birth and proceed.
  4. 4 Choose ‘services’
  5. 5 Select the loan account from the ‘My Relations’ section.
  6. 6 Click on the ‘Statements’ option within the ‘Quick Actions’ section.
  7. 7 Download your account statement by clicking on it.

Alternatively, you can also use our self-help care option by calling the helpline number +91 86980 10101 (normal call charges are applicable) and get the required documents.

For any clarification, customers can reach out to us by clicking here. You can also visit the nearest branch and get assistance from our representative.

Access to the Bajaj Finserv SOA can give you a clear picture of the status of your account.

Some key pointers to note about the Bajaj Finserv SOA

  • Once the EMI is debited, details about the same will be updated in the loan statement within 2-3 working days
  • After the loan closure amount is successfully received, the loan will be closed within 2-3 working days. Plus, you’ll receive the no dues certificate almost immediately and can download the same from My Account – customer portal.
  • You can simply login through your registered mobile number and the OTP and download the required document. Else, you can call the helpline number 86980 10101 and opt for our self-help care option.