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Convert Acre To Square Yard

For land, it is necessary to have a standardised measuring unit to calculate land price and express its area. Acre and square yards are two commonly used units in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and other countries across the world. Therefore, whether it comes to purchasing land or property, selling or mortgaging them, it is crucial to know about these two widely used area measurement units and also how to convert one from another.

1 Acre=4839.999529 Square Yards

Not knowing the conversion process of an acre to square yard and vice-versa can later pose challenges in calculating price of land or property.

Following is an insight into each of these units individually.

What is Square Yard?

Mathematically, square yard denotes an area of a square with each side of one yard. It is also denoted as sq yd or yd2. It is a part of the Imperial unit system and was introduced by the British when they came to India and other parts of world.

Although over the years, square meters have replaced square yard gradually, some states of India still use this unit to measure agricultural and non-agricultural lands alike. Especially, local governments of places such as Delhi NCR, Haryana, and others still use this unit to determine circle rate. Based on it, land rate is defined as rupees per square yard. Hence, it is commonplace to hear ‘1 acre in square yards’ term related to land.

Besides eastern countries, US, UK also use square yard to measure land. You can convert acre to square yard into several other units and, of course. Following are some examples:

  • 9 square feet
  • 1296 square inches

Each of them equals 1 square yard.

What is Acre?

Acre is one of the oldest units to measure land across the world, including India. Mathematically, an acre can be expressed as an area of 1 furlong in length and 4 rods in width. Traditionally, this unit was introduced by the British Empire, and since then, it underwent many changes. For instance, an Anglo-Saxon acre is defined as a 1*1/10 furlong piece of land or 40*4 rods.

Like square yard, acre is also a unit of Imperial system. Notably, both these units are also part of US’ Customary System. This unit is largely used in various countries like Spain, France, Germany, etc. Note that the area denoted by acre is not same for every country it is used in. For instance, in Scotland, an acre equals 1.27 of standard acres. Similarly, an Irish acre equals 1.6 US or British acres.

In India, usually, agricultural lands are measured in acres.

However, if you know how to convert acres to square yards, it will be easier for you to understand the measurements better.

Steps to Convert Acre to Square Yard

1 acre in sq yards is 4839.999529 or approximately 4840. Based on this formula, individuals can easily derive the area of a property or land. Simply multiply acre value with 4840 to get the area in square yard.

To facilitate seamless acre to square yard conversion, use an online calculator. Follow the steps below for this.

  • Step 1: Open an authentic acre to square conversion calculator
  • Step 2: Enter acre value in the designated place, and in the box opposite to it, you will see a square yard value

Using this acre to square yard calculator, the value appears almost instantly without any error.

Steps to Convert Square Yard to Acre

The sq yard to acre conversion also follows a similar process as mentioned before. If you get an area of land in square yard, you only have to divide it by 4839.999529 to convert it into acres. In this case, you can also take the aid of an online conversion calculator to make this conversion in seconds. Put square yard value in its designated place, and the box beside it will give the value in acres unit.

Take a look at this example to clarify this concept further.

Suppose, a promoter is selling 16 acres of land for industrial use in Haryana, and price quoted is Rs.7000/square yard. What is the price of the entire land?

16 acres = (4839.999529*16) = 77439.992464 square yard.

The total land price would be = (77439.992464*7000)= 542079947.248 crores.

If you know how to convert acre to square yard, it will take only a few seconds to derive this amount.

Acre to Square Yard Conversion Table

The below table shows the conversion of acre to sq yard serially. Take a look.

Acre Square yard (rounded off to the nearest number)
1 4840
2 9680
3 14520
4 19360
5 24200
6 29040
7 33880
8 38720
9 43560
10 48400
11 53240
12 58080
13 62920
14 67760
15 72600
16 77440
17 82280
18 87120
19 91960
20 96800
21 101640
22 106480
23 111320
24 116160
25 121000
26 125840
27 130680
28 135520
29 140360
30 145200
31 150040
32 154880
33 159720
34 164560
35 169400
36 174240
37 179080
38 183920
39 188760
40 193600
41 198440
42 203280
43 208120
44 212960
45 217780
46 222640
47 227480
48 232320
49 237160
50 242000

This precise calculations of acre to square yard can save your time, apply for Bajaj Finserv Loan against property and enjoy low interest rates.


How many acre in square yard?

1 Acre = 4839.999529 Square yard

How to convert acre to square yard?

1 Acre = 4839.999529 Square yard. So multiply the given number with 4839.999529, in order to convert it into square yard.

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