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Frequently asked questions

What is a working capital loan EMI?

Working capital loan EMIs are equated monthly instalments of fixed amounts which borrowers need to pay every month. It includes both the principal and the interest accrued on the outstanding loan amount. It continues until one pays off the loan in full.

EMIs make loan repayments easier for small and medium businesses as they mostly work with tight budgets to sustain their operations. A borrower can know the EMI amount beforehand using an online working capital loan calculator.

What is a working capital loan EMI calculator?

A working capital loan EMI calculator is an online tool that calculates the EMI amount that you need to pay if you avail of a working capital loan.

How does a working capital loan calculator help?

The primary benefit of an EMI calculator is that you get to know your monthly outgo towards the loan repayment in advance. It helps determine the loan amount you should apply for, select a convenient tenure, and know the EMIs you are liable to pay every month. Knowing the amount beforehand will help you make important financial decisions strategically.

How does a working capital loan EMI calculator work?

The Bajaj Finance working capital loan calculator functions on a simple mathematical formula:

E = P * R * (1+R)^N / ((1+R)^N-1)

The variables in the formula stand for the following -

P-principal loan amount
R-rate of interest
N-tenure of the loan, provided in months

After calculating your working capital loan EMI, you can then decide the loan amount you require. It will help you check your monthly payments appropriately.

How to use this online EMI calculator?

The online working capital loan calculator is simple to use. You can just provide the loan amount you need, the rate of interest, and the repayment tenure convenient for you. This calculator will show you a detailed result, including the EMI amount, total payable amount, and the total interest payable.

Along with the EMIs, it also displays the total interest payable and total payment, including interest and principal. So, it helps manage your loan repayment and your working capital in a planned way.

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