What is an unsecured working capital loan?

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An unsecured working capital loan doesn’t require you to provide any collateral, security or guarantor to get funds. With an unsecured working capital loan, you can get funds up to Rs. 80 lakh. Get approval for the funds in only 48 hours* by submitting just a few essential documents. Thus, making it a quick and hassle-free way of bridging your working capital deficit.

Advantages of unsecured working capital loan

Unsecured working capital loans offer several advantages for businesses:

  • No collateral required, reducing the risk of asset loss.
  • Faster application process, providing prompt access to funds, ideal for urgent financial needs.
  • Greater financial flexibility, allowing funds to be utilised for various business purposes.
  • Potential improvement in creditworthiness through timely repayments, facilitating better borrowing terms in the future.
  • Facilitates smoother cash flow management, enabling businesses to focus on growth without the burden of collateral requirements.

*Conditions apply

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