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Vijayawada is renowned as the educational and commercial capital of Andhra Pradesh. It is among the fastest-growing regions in India and the second-largest city in the state. It is also considered sacred for its various temples and tourist attractions.

Address your diverse needs in Vijayawada with an exclusive loan against property from Bajaj Finserv. Walk into our only branch.

Features and benefits

Applicants interested in availing a Loan Against Property in Vijayawada can read more to know about the features of the Bajaj Finserv Loan Against Property.

  • Affordable rates on loans

    Affordable rates on loans

    Bajaj Finserv offers applicants an affordable Loan Against Property interest rate option to fit their finances.

  • Fast loan processing

    Fast loan processing

    Save more time on your loan processing as Bajaj Finserv completes it within 72 hours* of application.

  • Higher loan amount

    Higher loan amount

    Fulfil both personal and business needs with loan of up to Rs. 10.50 Crore* basis eligibility in Vijayawada.

  • Easy balance transfer facility

    Easy balance transfer facility

    Transfer your current loan against property through our balance transfer facility and enjoy high-value top-up loans.

  • Manage account online

    Manage account online

    Monitor the loan account easily and make payments via the customer portal – Experia, offered by Bajaj Finserv.

  • Repay over flexible tenor

    Repay over flexible tenor

    Choose a repayment schedule considering your financial ability. Choose from tenors of up to 15 years for loan against property.

  • Flexi loans

    Flexi loans

    Enjoy added flexibility on your mortgage loan repayment with the innovative Flexi loan facility.

  • Part-prepayment and foreclosure

    Part-prepayment and foreclosure

    Reduce your debt burden with our loan against property part-prepayment and foreclosure facilities at nominal or zero charges.

Vijayawada gained prominence amongst students across India for its prestigious educational institutions. According to Oxford Economics, the city’s economy is anticipated to become the 10th fastest growing in the world by 2035. One of India’s busiest railway stations is, the Vijayawada junction is in this city. Some of the economic contributors include sectors like food processing, construction, transport, education, hospitality, entertainment, etc.

With Bajaj Finserv, cover your changing lifestyle needs or financial crises with loans of up to Rs. 10.50 Crore*. Avail the fastest credit in your account within 72 hours* of approval. Select a feasible repayment schedule that best matches your financial standing. If you have a surplus, you can also choose part-prepayment at nominal rates. Check out the terms and conditions for more details.

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Eligibility criteria and documents

The loan against property eligibility is simple and easy to meet. Qualify for the credit to enjoy lucrative features.

  • Age


    Minimum age: 25 years* (18 years for non-financial property owners)
    Maximum age: 85 years* (including non-financial property owners)
    *Age of the individual applicant/ co-applicant at the time of loan maturity
    *Higher age of co-applicant may be considered up to 95 years basis 2nd generation (legal heir) meeting age norms and to be taken as co-applicant on loan structure

  • Credit score

    Credit score

    750 and above

  • Job status

    Job status

    Salaried employee or self-employed individuals

  • Nationality


    Indian resident

Being a secured loan, Bajaj Finserv does not require any minimum income to sanction the credit. However, make sure your repayment capability matches your loan requirements. This reduces your chances of default as well as risk on your asset.

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Interest rates and charges

Before applying, know the loan against property interest rates and nominal associated charges. Make an informed decision with Bajaj Finserv.