What is lease rental discounting?

Lease Rental Discounting (often shortened to LRD) is a term loan that is offered against properties that generate rental income. With this financial option, property owners can avail higher financing against rental receipts. You can opt for this option if you own a property that supplements you with fixed rental income.

Lease rental discounting FAQs

What is my borrowing range?

You can access funds ranging from Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 31.50 crore.

What is the criteria for loan eligibility?

Your eligibility depends upon the valuation of the property and the existing rental from it.

Can co-owned properties be eligible for the loan?

Yes, all owners must jointly apply for the loan approval.

What is the normal tenor for Corporate LDR Loan?

You can pay over a tenor of 300 Months subject to the residual lease period.

How is the payment deducted for the loan?

We deduct the payment from the ESCROW account, where the lessee has deposited the rent.

What is the internal FRR change criteria?

The benchmark reference rates fluctuate with market conditions and the cost to the company based on external factors and the economy.

Are interest rates prone to fluctuations?

We review interest rates every two months, as per the Bajaj Finserv re-pricing policy.

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