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25 May 2021

A personal loan can be the answer to your short-term financial requirements, be it for urgent medical expenses, funding a wedding, or paying for a family holiday. You can apply and get the loan within a short timeframe, thus fulfilling numerous needs. One of India’s leading non-banking financial companies, Bajaj Finserv offers personal loans that are packed with benefits.

Here are a few noteworthy reasons why you should choose the Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan.

1. High loan amount

The Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan gives you access to funds up to Rs. 40 lakh. There is no restriction on how you can use this amount. You can check your personal loan eligibility and get access to a high loan amount within minutes.

2. Flexible tenor options

An online personal loan is meant to ease your financial burden. So, it should have a tenor you find easy to manage. Bajaj Finserv offers flexible tenors that range up to 96 months. Depending on your repayment ability, you can pick a tenor that is convenient to you.

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3. Hassle-free application process

Sometimes, you cannot predict monetary requirements in advance. Thus, you may need funds urgently when the need arises. Your online application for a personal loan from Bajaj Finserv is approved in minutes, and its disbursal to your account takes place in as soon as 24 hours. You do not have to pledge any collateral to get a sanction, which speeds up the loan process further. Apply now to get approval instantly.

4. Flexibility with regards to using the loan amount

You can choose the Bajaj Finserv Flexi Loan facility when your need for finances is unpredictable or periodic. With this facility, you can withdraw money in parts from the sanctioned amount. The balance amount remains available to you when you need it. You pay interest only on what you use rather than the whole amount, making this option more cost-effective. You can also choose to pay interest-only EMIs for the initial part of the tenor.

With this facility, you can withdraw, repay, and re-withdraw money, as many times as you wish to. You can also make pre-payments when you have access to additional funds.

5. Convenient repayment terms

If you have surplus funds, you can make a part pre-payment or even foreclose your loan. Bajaj Finserv has low foreclosure and pre-payment charges that make this step affordable. You have to only ensure that the part pre-payment amount is greater than the value of one EMI.

Fast approval, a high loan amount and flexible repayment modes make a personal loan from Bajaj Finserv better than the rest.

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