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How to Calculate Fixed Deposit Maturity Amount

How to Calculate Fixed Deposit Maturity Amount?

The maturity amount of a Fixed Deposit is based on:

  • Deposit amount

  • Tenor

  • Rate of interest

  • Frequency of interest payout

Here’s how maturity amount is calculated:

  • Deposit amount: Higher the deposit, greater is the maturity amount.

  • Tenor: Usually, FDs have a lock-in period. Longer tenor results in higher maturity amount.

  • Deposit type: Cumulative and Non-Cumulative FDs have different frequencies of interest payouts.

  • Interest rate: Higher fd rates, higher is the maturity amount.

The easiest way to calculate the maturity amount is to use an online FD Calculator and add the above-mentioned details. The calculator gives you the total maturity amount without any manual work.