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Lucknow Property Tax: Overview

Much like in any other city, Lucknow property tax is a direct tax levied by the local municipal authority, the Lucknow Nagar Nigam, on residential property owners. Lucknow house tax is an annual tax payable by the property owner. The exact tax amount varies on the basis of the property’s annual rental value, and one can pay the amount online as well as offline.

As a property owner in Lucknow, it’s important to learn about the property tax since you not only need to calculate the amount payable as per your assessment but are also liable to be fined in case the amount is inaccurate or if you miss the due date.

Property Tax Rates in Lucknow 2022-23

As of today, below is the property tax rate in Lucknow

Tax Type Property Tax rate per property annual value
General Tax 15%
Water tax 12.5%
Sewer tax 3%

Factors that affect property tax rates in Lucknow:

  • Location, zone, ward, mohalla
  • Property age
  • Construction type
  • Land position
  • Road width

Lucknow Property Tax Calculation

Before you proceed with Lucknow property tax payment, it’s important you understand the calculation. Since late payment and discrepancies in the payment amount can lead to fines, it is essential that the calculation is accurate. To know the rates for Lucknow Nagar Nigam house tax, click on the ‘Monthly Rates for AV Calculation’ link on the municipal body’s official website.

Steps to pay Lucknow house tax: Online

Follow the below steps to pay Lucknow property tax online.

  • Visit LMC’s official website
  • Enter your House ID, password, and the security pin
  • Click on Submit

If you are not registered, you can register your house through the following steps:

  • Visit LMC’s official website
  • Click on the ‘Register Your House’ tab in the header navigation bar
  • Enter your mobile number, House ID, and the security pin
  • Click on Submit

If you don’t know your House ID, you can check the same through the following steps:

  • Visit LMC’s official website
  • Click on the ‘Know Your House ID’ tab in the header navigation bar
  • Enter your personal and property details
  • Click on Submit

Steps to pay Lucknow house tax: Offline

If you prefer to pay offline, you can do so by visiting the LMC office. You can the body’s address and contact details on their website for the latest details.

  • Address: Triloknath Rd, Lalbagh, Lucknow 226001
  • Contact numbers: 0522 23077 70 / 82 / 83

Lucknow house tax due dates and rebates

Property owners can claim exemptions on property tax basis the years of property occupancy.

  • If property occupancy = 10 years, rebate = 20%
  • If property occupancy = 11 to 20 years, rebate = 32.5%
  • If property occupancy > 20 years, rebate = 40%


Where can I pay Lucknow house tax online?

Those who wish to avoid the hassle of visiting the municipal corporation office can pay the tax online by visiting the LMC’s official website. First-time users will need to begin by registering their property.

Where to check Lucknow property tax payment status?

Visit the LMC’s official website to know the status of your property tax payment. You will need to enter your property details to begin.