Festive season on No Cost EMIs

Get benefits like zero down payment, low EMI schemes, 200+ online partners and 1.2 lakh stores
Festive season on No Cost EMIs
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28 Sept 2022

Over the past few years, most of us have celebrated festivities with certain limitations. We have postponed our shopping for various reasons. Now that we have started to step out again like before and be optimistic about the days ahead, most of us are looking forward to the festive season.

Festivities come with celebrations, shopping, and looking forward with a new perspective. No matter how long your shopping list may be for this festive season, the Insta EMI card can help you get a lot more this year for every rupee that you plan to spend.

For instance, Peri is eyeing a home theatre from a very long time and planning to replace his refrigerator with a French-door refrigerator. But he also wants to gift his kids PS5 on their birthday. No matter what Peri’s shopping plans are, with Insta EMI Card, he doesn’t need to choose one from the list, but buy everything on EMI.

With the Insta EMI card, Peri can now shop without draining his bank account and celebrate a khushiyon waali badee diwali with his family.

Peri can buy all of the products on his shopping list (which may total up to Rs. 4 lakh) on a monthly EMI of Rs. just Rs. 17,000, making it easy and affordable for him.

Peri can shop from any of our partner network stores. Across India, we have over 1.2 lakh partner stores where our Insta EMI Card holders can convert their purchase into EMIs.

Converting all your purchases into EMIs is not the only benefit that our Insta EMI Card offers. Listed below are the other benefits:

Zero down payment
Especially in festive seasons, we run zero down payment schemes where you do not have to pay anything at the time of your purchase except for a nominal processing fee. For example, you can buy a 50-inch LED TV worth Rs. 75,000 and put the entire amount on 12-month EMIs of Rs. 6,250. The television will be delivered to you in 24-hours and your first EMI will perhaps start 7 to 15 days later depending on your date of purchase.

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Lower-EMI special schemes
You can go for our special schemes that offer a longer repayment tenure and further reduce your monthly EMI. For example, you can buy the same LED TV worth Rs. 75,000 and choose a 24-month EMI repayment scheme. This cuts your EMIs by half to Rs. 3,125 only. In such schemes, you will need to pay a few EMIs as a down payment.

Note: Down payments can vary from scheme to scheme. Please look out for our in-store demonstrator at the partner network outlet.

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Cashback offers from our partners
In addition to all the above benefits, you may also get attractive cashback offers from some of our partners. Please check with our partner store representative at the store.

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