Bajaj Finserv customer care in Rajkot

Bajaj Finserv, one of the prominent NBFCs in the country, takes pride in offering financial products and services at reasonable terms. Customers seeking assistance with loans, investments and insurance plans can take the help of the dedicated Bajaj Finserv consumer care portal-My Account, accessible round the clock.

This user-friendly and efficient portal can be your one-stop solution for monitoring loan accounts, downloading essential documents, making EMI payments, updating KYC details, etc.

The best part about this portal is that customers residing in Rajkot or any other part of the country can access the required information anytime.

Features of Bajaj Finserv Customer Portal

One of the unique features of the Bajaj Finserv customer portal is that it allows consumers to manage their financial activities seamlessly. It significantly simplifies online transactions and helps customers in keeping tabs on their repayment schedules.

Additionally, the Bajaj Finserv My Account portal ensures prompt redressals to inquiries related to products and services. Besides, this portal extends a wide range of features and benefits, including:

  • Update contact details

    Update contact details

    With the Bajaj Finserv customer care portal, individuals can conveniently update or edit their name, contact number, email address, etc., within seconds. Since all the payment related information, alerts and notifications are sent to the registered mobile number, customers need to inform their concerned lender or service provider regarding any change in the mobile number to avoid missing out on crucial updates.

  • Initiate part-prepayment or foreclosure

    Initiate part-prepayment or foreclosure

    The Bajaj Finserv customer care portal allows users to make part-prepayments or loan foreclosures in a hassle-free manner. In addition, customers can conveniently initiate Bajaj Finserv online payment by directing to the ‘Quick Pay’ tab and choosing the online payment option to begin and complete the process in a few steps.

  • View EMI Network card status

    View EMI Network card status

    Besides keeping tabs on existing loan details, consumers can monitor their Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card status from the customer service portal. To check the status of the card through the portal, customers need to use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card log in ID and password. Knowing about the card status will keep consumers up-to-date with the total payable, available card balance and the likes.

  • Shop on EMI store

    Shop on EMI store

    One of the unique Bajaj Finserv customer care benefits extended by this portal is that consumers can purchase their preferred products online at zero down payments and affordable EMIs.

Bajaj Finserv Customer Care Details – Rajkot

This customer service portal-My Account introduced by Bajaj Finserv, extends comprehensive borrowing experience for customers with respect to varied financial offerings and instant assistance in resolving queries.

In case you have queries, please feel free to connect with us via any of the modes mentioned below:

Customer portal (My Account)

The Bajaj Finserv customer portal allows individuals to access this online platform and explore several financial offerings. To do the same, customers must firstly log in to the portal by following the steps discussed below:

Step 1 - Visit the My Account log in page
Step 2 - Provide mobile number, customer or email ID to access this portal
Step 3 - Verify your credentials with either ‘OTP’ or ‘Password’
Step 4 - Click on ‘Generate OTP’ or ‘Next’ to continue the verification process
Step 5 - Finally, fill in with necessary details and click on ‘submit’

Conversely, customers can also use the dedicated Bajaj Finserv app to resolve queries and manage any kind of financial activity.

Bajaj Finserv app

To explore various financial services and address complaints, users can also take the help of this app by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1 - Firstly; download and install the app on your mobile phone and use the log in credentials to access the application
Step 2 - Go to the ‘Help and Support’ segment
Step 3 - Select the product category to raise a query
Step 4 - Choose the question and sub-query type and elaborate on your issue
Step 5 - Provide authentic information and click on ‘submit’ to proceed

Raise a request

Besides, another effective way to address your query is by raising a request. Here is a comprehensive guide for both new and existing customers:

For existing customers:

Step 1 - Visit Raise a request
Step 2 - Declare whether you are a new or existing customer
Step 3 - Existing customers can simply log in with their basic credentials and address their queries

For new customers:

Step 1 - Visit Raise a request
Step 2 - Click on ‘No’ when asked ‘Are you our existing customer?’ and vice-versa
Step 3 - Fill in basic information, such as name, email ID, address, query and other necessary details to continue
Step 4 - By entering the CAPTCHA, you can raise your query

View your pre-approved offers

Bajaj Finserv extends exclusive pre-approved offers on a wide suite of secured and unsecured financial products. By availing of these offers, one can significantly dodge the hassle of lengthy documentation, accelerate the loaning process and save considerable time.

To check the Bajaj Finserv pre-approved offers, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. 1 Visit the Bajaj Finserv customer care portal and select ‘pre-approved offers’
  2. 2 Feed in your name and contact details
  3. 3 Tap on ‘agree’ to the terms and conditions and view your pre-approved offer within seconds

Knowing the features of this dedicated customer portal My Account will allow customers to conveniently reach out to the Bajaj Finserv customer care in Rajkot and receive prompt solutions to their queries.

To understand resolutions for grievances you may face, please refer to the following:

Frequently asked questions

Can I change addresses in my Bajaj Finserv customer portal?

Yes, you can change your residential address through the Bajaj Finserv consumer care portal in simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1 - Visit the My Account log in page
Step 2 - Now log in by using your credentials, such as customer or email ID, mobile number or OTP
Step 3 - Navigate to the ‘My Profile’ section and select the option ‘Update address’
Step 4 - Now provide your new address and click on ‘submit’

By completing these steps, customers can successfully change their address

Can I transfer my home loan to a lower interest rate?

Yes, customers can transfer their existing home loans to another lender offering an affordable interest rate via the balance transfer facility. Customers can shift their existing home loans or other credit facilities to reputed lenders like Bajaj Finserv, offering competitive interest rates and flexible loan terms.

However, one should always opt for a balance transfer when the outstanding credit is on the higher side. As the loan matures, the principal amount is eventually repaid, decreasing the outstanding amount. Besides, before choosing this facility, one must always check the transferring terms and costs.