Bajaj Finserv customer care in Agra

People of Agra can now opt for numerous financial services from Bajaj Finserv and mitigate their monetary requirements. Furthermore, the availability of the Bajaj Finserv customer care portal- My Account, has expanded the convenience to customers seeking prompt assistance regarding any queries or grievances related to any product or services offered by the financial institution.

The tailor-weaved customer portal lets you assess multiple Bajaj Finserv customer care services in Agra like tracking loan details, making overdue and missed Bajaj Finserv EMI payment, downloading vital documents and likes.

Features of Bajaj Finserv Customer Portal

The Bajaj customer support portal offers individuals a slew of benefits. They are as follows:

  • Track loan details

    Track loan details

    You can monitor your ongoing loan account and other insurance policies from the comfort of your home, thereby helping you note mismatches and outstanding payments.

  • Download loan statement

    Download loan statement

    Another standout feature of the Bajaj Finserv customer portal is it allows you to download crucial documents like loan account statements, interest certificates, No Dues certificates, etc., in a hassle-free manner.

  • Make online payments

    Make online payments

    Furthermore, the portal lets you carry out transactions and helps make payments for missed EMIs or initiate loan foreclosure or part prepayments.

  • Check EMI card details

    Check EMI card details

    You can also get Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card details like card limit, balance, etc., from the Bajaj Finserv Customer portal.

    Furthermore, the Bajaj Finserv customer care benefits are available on a wide suite of financial products, such as business loans, personal loans, home loans, etc., in the form of pre-approved offers. Existing customers can opt for these pre-approved offers, dodge the hassle of extensive documentation, and accelerate the loaning procedure.

Bajaj Finserv Customer Care Details – Agra

Bajaj Finserv aims at offering quick redressals to customers. In case you have any query, inquiry or complaint about any service we offer, contact us via the following ways:

Bajaj Finserv customer care portal- My Account

The Bajaj Finserv My Account portal is a one-stop destination where you will get a collective solution for any of your financial queries. However, to get quick support, log in to the portal following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Firstly, visit the Bajaj Finserv customer portal-My Account
Step 2: Now log in using the following credentials: customer ID, email ID or mobile number
Step 3: Authenticate login details either by the OTP sent to the registered mobile or the password
Step 4: As per your choice, select either the ‘Generate OTP’ or ‘Next’ button to get completed with the login procedure

Alternatively, you can access the Bajaj Finserv My Account portal from the Bajaj Finserv App on your mobile phone.

Bajaj Finserv application

You can also get assistance for any of your queries from Bajaj Finserv app in the following ways:

Step 1: Firstly, you need to download the Bajaj Finserv app and log in using the necessary credentials
Step 2: Then, head to ‘Help and support’ section
Step 3: Now, select the product type, query and sub-query type
Step 4: Feed-in relevant information and submit

Raise a request

Additionally, you can raise a request to get an instant solution for your concern by following the steps mentioned:

For existing customers:

Step 1: Visit Raise a request
Step 2: Mention whether you are an existing customer or not
Step 3: Existing customers can simply login to your account and raise a request

For new customers:

Step 1: Visit Raise a request
Step 2: When asked ‘Are you our existing customer?’, select ‘No’
Step 3: Now, continue by entering personal and product details
Step 4: Feed in the CAPTCHA to continue raising requests for your query or grievances

View your pre-approved offers

One of the notable reasons Bajaj Finserv is considered a popular financial institution is the availability of the exclusive pre-approved offers it extends to its existing customers. These offers are available on both secured and View your pre-approved offers unsecured credit options and help in accelerating lending process and reducing the cost of borrowing.

Here are the steps by which customers can easily check their Bajaj pre-approved offers from Bajaj Finserv Customer Portal- My Account:

  1. 1 In the Bajaj Finserv customer care service portal, navigate to the ‘Pre-approved offers’ section
  2. 2 Now, enter your first name, last name and contact details
  3. 3 Proceed by agreeing to the terms and conditions

After this, you can view, and avail of the customised Bajaj offers and make the most out of your borrowing.

Hence, with an in-depth knowledge of the above-mentioned particularities of Bajaj Finserv customer portal- My Account, you can now easily reach Bajaj Finserv customer care in Agra. Through this customer portal, you can track your loan status, make online payments, and get quick redressal for grievances.

To understand resolutions for grievances you may face, please refer to the following:

Frequently asked questions

How can I check my KYC status online at My Account?

You can conveniently check your KYC status online at Bajaj Finserv customer portal- My Account or by the following these steps:

Step 1: Log in to the CDSL Ventures Portal to visit the Central Depository Service Limited website.
Step 2: Now, enter your PAN details or DOB, name, and click ‘Submit’.
Step 3: On submitting, you can see the status ‘Pending’ if KYC status is pending; otherwise, ‘MF-Verified by CVLMF’ will be displayed if KYC status is verified.

Can foreclosure fees be waived at Bajaj Finserv?

No, foreclosure fees cannot be waived at Bajaj Finserv. Bajaj Finserv charges a nominal rate of 4% + plus taxes on the total outstanding loan principal as foreclosure fees on the day of final repayment.