What are the Current Circle Rate in Kolkata?

Circle rate is the base on which value of a property is determined while making transactions like purchase or sale. These rates vary from one property type to another, thus affecting the assessment value. It is also a determinant factor affecting property valuation when availing mortgage loans. Circle rate in Kolkata is determined based on several factors and varies from one area to another, thus affecting the real estate rates in the city.

What is a Circle Rate?

A circle rate is a minimum valuation at which a real estate property is registered during a transfer of ownership. It is also the rate used to determine the market value of a given property.

Notified by the revenue department of a state or a local body, these rates undergo revision from time to time. It also acts as a property price indicator for a given area. The Kolkata Municipal Corporation determines circle rate in the city.

Stamp value for a property in Kolkata is thus determined as the higher of assessment value as per the applicable circle rate and the declared transaction value.

City residents can also go for property valuation as per the circle rates in their locality when seeking to avail mortgage advances like loan against property.

Circle Rate in Kolkata

Check out the prevailing circle rate in Kolkata for different areas and localities.

List of Areas/Localities in Kolkata Average Circle Rate (In per sq. meters)
Agarpara Rs.2,626
Action Area I Rs.4,882
Airport Area Rs.3,062
Action Area II Rs.4,858
Alipore Rs.12,689
Action Area III Rs. 4,524
Ashok Nagar Rs.4,690
Andul Road Rs.3,148
Bablatala Rs.3,264
Baguaiti Rs.2,995
Baghajatin Rs.3,858
Baguiati Rs.3,257
Bally Rs.2,769
Baguihati Rs.3,139
Ballygunge Rs.9,983
Baishnabghata Patuli Township Rs.4,786
Ballygunge Circular Road Rs.13,492
Ballygunge Place Rs.11,322
Ballygunge Park Rs.10,051
Bangur Avenue Rs.4,881
Bangur Rs.4,823
Baranagar Rs.3,363
Barasat - Madhyamgram Rs.2,773
Baruipur Rs.2,281
Behala Rs.3,644
Beleghata Rs.5,678
Belghoria Rs.3,133
Bhawanipur Rs.9,096
Bansdroni Rs.3,584
Barasat Rs.2,276
Barrackpore Rs.2,534
Bata Nagar Rs.3,733
Behala Chowrasta Rs.3,475
Belgharia Expressway Rs.3,733
Beliaghata Rs.5,151
Birati Rs.3,264

What Does Circle Rate in Kolkata Depend Upon?

Circle rate in Kolkata varies from one locality to another depending on several factors mentioned below.

  • Location of the property.
  • Area and size of the property.
  • Available amenities and facilities.
  • Age of the property.
  • Occupancy, whether residential or commercial.
  • Property type, i.e., plot, flat, apartment or independent house.

Based on these factors, property valuation is done for transacting purchase/sale or availing property loan against its mortgage.

Current Stamp Duty in Kolkata

Depending on the circle rate notified by the Kolkata Government, stamp value is determined as higher of the assessed valuation and declared price.

Stamp duty is thus calculated and paid on this value. The prevailing stamp duty rates in Kolkata are divided into two segments, i.e., properties valued below Rs.25 lakh and those valued above Rs.25 lakh. The current rates are as follows.

  • For properties below Rs.25 Lakh –
    • 6% for corporation area (Both Howrah and Kolkata).
    • 6% for the municipal corporation, municipality or notified area.
    • 5% for areas not falling under the two categories mentioned above.
  • For properties above Rs.25 lakh
    • 7% for corporation area in Howrah or Kolkata.
    • 7% for a municipality, municipal corporation or notified area.
    • 6% for localities not covered under the two heads.

Registry Charges in Kolkata

Registration charges in Kolkata also vary with a division of properties valued above Rs.25 lakh and below it.

For the former, the registration charges payable are 1% of property valued. As for the latter, it is 1.1% of this valuation.

How to Calculate Property Value in Kolkata Using Circle Rate for Stamp Duty Payment?

Use the following steps to calculate property value using the circle rate in Kolkata.

  • Compute the property’s built-up area.
  • Identify the property type.
  • Available amenities and facilities.
  • Identify circle rate for the property as per its location.
  • Compute the minimum property value with the following calculation –

Property value = Built-up area (in sq. metres) x Circle rate for the location (in Rs./sq. metres)

Areas in Kolkata

The following areas in Kolkata are considered for circle rate determination.

  • Agarpara
  • Andul Road
  • Ballygunge Place
  • Action Area I
  • Bablatala
  • Ballygunge Park
  • Airport Area
  • Baguaiti
  • Bangur Avenue
  • Action Area II
  • Baghajatin
  • Bangur
  • Alipore
  • Baguiati
  • Baranagar
  • Action Area III
  • Bally
  • Barasat - Madhyamgram
  • Ashok Nagar
  • Baguihati
  • Baruipur
  • Bansdroni
  • Ballygunge
  • Behala
  • Barasat
  • Baishnabghata Patuli Township
  • Beleghata
  • Barrackpore
  • Ballygunge Circular Road
  • Belghoria
  • Bata Nagar
  • Belgharia Expressway
  • Bhawanipur
  • Behala Chowrasta
  • Salt Lake
  • Beliaghata
  • Birati
  • Park Street
  • Kasba
  • Dum Dum
  • Alipur
  • Gariahat
  • Tangra
  • Jadavpur
  • Elgin Road
  • Kumortuli
  • Tollygunge
  • Kalghat