What are the current circle rates in Greater Noida?

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When computing the value of a property during a sale, purchase, or transfer, the circle rate is a crucial part of the process. In Greater Noida, the circle rates vary for several regions and sectors. They range between 4 main rates per sq.km., which are Rs. 26,000, Rs. 26,500, Rs. 27,000 and Rs. 28,000.

For a sector-wise breakup of the circle rates in Greater Noida, look at the following table.

Circle rates in Greater Noida

Greater Noida circle rate list for 2019 is given below.

Greater Noida Sectors/ Areas

Circle rates per sq. km. (in Rs.)

Alpha-I, Alpha-II, Gamma 1, Gamma 2, Beta 1, Beta 2


Omega 1, Omega 2, Omega 3, Chi 1, Chi 2, Chi 3, Chi 4, Chi 5, Delta 1, Delta 2, Delta 3, Pi 1, Pi 2, Pi 3, Pi 4, Pi 5, Pi 6, Pi 7, Pi 8, Phi 1, Phi 2, Phi 3, Phi 4, Phi Chi


Omicron 1, Omicron 1A, Omicron 2, Omicron 3, Zeta 1, Zeta 2, Xu 1, Xu 2, Xu 3, MU 1, MU 2, Sigma 1, Sigma 2, Sigma 3, Sigma 4


Sector 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 16, 16B, 16C, 17, 17A, 17B, 20, 27, Techzone, Techzone 2, Techzone 5, Techzone 7


What is circle rate?

A circle rate is the minimum property value for a particular region. The Uttar Pradesh state government assigns circle rates in Greater Noida through the Registrar and Sub-Registrar’s office. Financial institutions make use of the circle rate to determine the property value when advancing mortgage loans.

What does the circle rate in Greater Noida depend upon?

Governmental authorities take into account several factors to determine circle rates in Greater Noida. These are:

  • The market value of individual sectors
  • Amenities available in different regions

Circle rates for individual residential units in the same sector can also vary due to the difference in amenities and property type. Luxury apartment owners need to pay an additional amount to reckon their circle rates. When candidates apply for a property loan, these factors are taken into consideration to decide the loan quantum.

Current stamp duty in Greater Noida

Stamp duty is a form of tax which the buyer pays when purchasing a property. It acts as evidence of the sale of property and transfer of ownership. Stamp value is calculated using circle rates. Concerned authorities consider stamp value as the higher amount of the circle rate and transaction value of a property.

Stamp duty charges in Greater Noida

The following table demonstrates the stamp duty charges currently prevalent in Greater Noida.

Owner type

Stamp duty rates (in %)






7 (Discount up to Rs. 10,000)

Registry charges in Greater Noida

The registration charge is a certain percentage of the property value. It is levied during the registration of a residential property with the local municipality. The registration fee in Greater Noida is 1% of the registered property value.

Process to calculate property value using circle rates for stamp duty payment in Greater Noida

The process to calculate property value using circle rates in Greater Noida is discussed below:

  • Check the built-up area of the property
  • Consider the higher amount between the circle rate of the property or the area and the transaction value of the property

Property value = Built-up area x circle rate

Areas in Greater Noida

Sector 1

Omicron 1

Delta 1

Sector 2

Omicron 1A

Delta 2

Sector 3

Omicron 2

Delta 3

Sector 4

Omicron 3

Pi 1

Sector 5

Zeta 1

Pi 2

Sector 6

Zeta 2

Pi 3

Sector 10

Xu 1

Pi 4

Sector 11

Xu 2

Pi 5

Sector 12

Xu 3

Pi 6

Sector 16

MU 1

Pi 7

Sector 16B

MU 2

Pi 8

Sector 16C

Sigma 1

Phi 1

Sector 17

Sigma 2

Phi 2

Sector 17A

Sigma 3

Phi 3

Sector 20

Omega 1

Phi Chi

Sector 27

Omega 2



Omega 3


Techzone 2

Chi 1

Gamma 1

Techzone 5

Chi 2

Gamma 2

Techzone 7

Chi 3

Beta 1


Chi 4

Beta 2


Pari Chowk

Zeta I

Delta I


Zeta II

Delta II


Dhoom Manikpur



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