What is digital health?

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Combining technology with healthcare, digital health aims to provide improved and cost-effective medical services. Using innovative technology such as health apps tracking real-time data, ingestible sensors and wearables, patients can now stay fit the easy way.

Here’s how digital healthcare can change the way preventive and diagnostic treatments are being administered -

  • Reduced healthcare costs in the long run
  • Tailored medicine and medical solutions to individual patient needs
  • Improved patient engagement
  • Standardisation of medical procedures
  • Improvement in wearable gadgets for smart tracking of vitals
  • Treatment administration based on real-time data

What is the importance of digital health?

Patients can benefit from digital health in diverse ways such as disease prevention, monitoring and management of chronic diseases, reduction in the costs of treatment and therapy etc.

Along with patients, it also benefits healthcare providers. With more personalised prescriptions through improved data on health markers, doctors can provide medical services that result in increased patient satisfaction.

Improved digital health tools also lead to the identification of new ailments or worsening illness. With a quick diagnosis, healthcare professionals can intervene early to administer the right course of treatment and deliver treatments timely to reduce the duration of the disease and improve quality of life.

What is digital therapy?

Digital therapy includes treatment intervention based on advanced clinical evidence. Such therapy involves prevention, management or treatment of a disease or medical disorder through technology integrated with high-grade software.
Patients can get improved healthcare and treatment outcomes through advanced technology-driven therapies and medications. They can also receive value-based medical care for improved health and wellness with the help of innovative digital therapies.

Digital healthcare in India

Rapid digitisation of the Indian healthcare system has improved the diagnostic, preventive and medical care that patients receive; thus, leading to significant advancement in healthcare. The digital network allows you to connect effectively with doctors while giving you access to health data.
Recent advancements in digital healthcare in India include –

  • Administering treatment through telemedicine
  • Personalised diagnosis through smart health monitors
  • AI-enabled personalised testing of the genomes for effective treatment of genetic diseases

Health app-enabled diseases prevention through increased health awareness and engagement

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