MCF property tax

Over the last few decades, rapid economic growth combined with government efforts to digitise the country’s infrastructure has paved the way for more efficient public service campaigns, like municipal property taxes.

A landowner pays MCF property tax to the local government or the municipal corporation of an area. This includes all tangible real estate property like residential complex, commercial or industrial property, and properties rented to others.

Central government buildings in an area, smaller buildings, and vacant properties are usually exempt from property taxes, which includes electricity, water, and drainage tax.

What is MCF Property Tax?

MCF house tax is the amount that property owners have to pay to their local governing authority that helps to maintain civic activities of the city. The Municipal Corporation of Faridabad collects property tax in all urban regions of the city, either annually or semi-annually.

For collection of property tax in Faridabad, the city is divided into 3 zones, i.e.,

  • New Industrial Town (NIT) Zone I, II, III
  • Old Faridabad Zone I, II
  • MCF Ballabgarh (BLB) Zone I, II

The Municipal Corporation of Faridabad assesses and imposes property taxes based on several factors, such as the area, construction, size of the property, building, etc. The collected amount is used primarily for public services, like repairing roadways, constructing institutions like schools and universities, and improving sanitation in the city. As of September 2020, the city has approximately 2.62 lakh property taxpayers.

The entire revenue village has been further divided into 35 wards governed by the Municipal Corporation. Homeowners who want to pay property taxes online can visit the official website of MCF Faridabad.

Property Tax Rates in Faridabad

Property owners in the city pay taxes according to the type, size, and property utilisation in all urban areas of Faridabad. Comparing various tax brackets, small and medium-sized residential properties attract the lowest tax rates, while the larger and commercial spaces attract higher taxes.

As of writing, MCF Faridabad house tax rates stand as follows-

Residential Properties

  • Up to 300 sq. yard – Re.1 /sq. yd
  • 301 to 500 sq. yard – Rs.4 /sq. yd
  • 501 to 1000 sq. yard – Rs.6 /sq. yd
  • 1001 sq. yard to 2 acres – Rs.7 /sq. yd
  • More than 2 acres – Rs.10 /sq. yd

Commercial properties

  • Up to 50 sq. yard – Rs.24/sq. yd
  • 51 to 100 sq. yard - Rs.36/sq. yd
  • 101 to 500 sq. yard – Rs.48/sq. yd
  • Up to 1000 sq. yard (ground floor shops) – Rs.12/sq. yd
  • More than 1000 sq. yard (ground floor shops) – Rs.15/sq. yd


  • Up to 2500 sq. yard – Rs.12/sq. yd
  • 2501-5000 sq. yard – Rs.18/sq. yd
  • More than 5000 sq. yard – Rs.24/sq. yd

Vacant residential land

  • Up to 100 sq. yard - Exempted
  • 101-500 sq. yard – Rs.0.50/sq. yd
  • 501 sq. yard and above – Re.1/sq. yd

Vacant commercial land

  • Up to 100 sq. yard - Exempted
  • 101 sq. yard and above – Rs.2/sq. yd
  • 501 sq. yard and above – Rs.5/sq. yd

How to pay MCF house tax online?

Several apartment communities in the city organise property tax collection in their apartment community, where an official team from MCF collects property taxes. Residents have to submit a duly filled self-declaration form along with their Property ID Number and Total Covered area of their property.

To streamline this process of paying taxes, the payment of MCF Faridabad property taxes has gone paperless as flat owners can now submit the same online at their own convenience. The new system is expected to bring in more revenue for the civic body, among other benefits like instant generation of tax receipts and verification of tax payment status.

For MCF Faridabad house tax online payment, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit and log in to your official account at the MCF Faridabad tax payment or updation website.
  2. Keep the Property ID ready while paying tax online.
  3. Next, select the MCs and zones from the drop-down menu.
  4. Fill in the property ID, owner name, and property address in the appropriate fields. Else, you can use the Search Property feature to locate the home details.
  5. Following this, you will be shown the payable amount. Click on the Pay Now button after checking the box next to the option that says, “I accept all terms and conditions”.
  6. You will be directed to the secure payment gateway. Here, select your preferred payment option, i.e., credit card, debit card, or net banking, and complete the payment accordingly.
  7. Print the acknowledgement slip containing transaction ID and property details for future references.

MCF Property Tax Due Dates & Rebates

As stated above, all central government bodies are exempt from property tax payment. Further, all lands used for agricultural and religious purposes are also exempt from paying taxes to the local municipal body.

With the advent of online MCF Faridabad house tax payment, property owners can quickly pay the due amount at their convenience without worrying about the due dates. However, taxpayers will have to pay the penalty in case he/she misses paying the due amount.

For example, a 1.5% interest per month is charged on the due amount in case of late payment. However, if a taxpayer completely evades property tax, a penalty equivalent to the due amount is charged.

On the other hand, the municipal body also offers several rebates in exceptional cases. For example, if a property is occupied by serving defence personnel, paramilitary, freedom fighters, and their next of kin, these owners can claim a 100% tax rebate.

Similarly, state government bodies other than corporations, undertakings, and autonomous bodies can claim up to 50% property tax rebate.

How to Check MCF Property ID?

Property ID number is one of the most essential fields of information used to identify each property tract. Before paying taxes, individuals can find required information about the property tax using the search property option.

Property ID for residential, commercial, or institutional property under MCF Faridabad should be mentioned on the tax payment receipts of the previous months. However, individuals can also use the ‘Search and Pay Property Tax’ option to find property details.