Shram Suvidha Portal

Understand how to register on Shram Suvidha Portal, Benefits, Services Offered and more.
Shram Suvidha Portal
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The Ministry of Labour & Employment has created a centralised web portal called 'Shram Suvidha' designed to streamline services for four key organisations under its jurisdiction: Employees' Provident Fund Organisation, Directorate General of Mines Safety, Office of the Chief Labour Commissioner (Central), and Corporation for Employees' State Insurance.

The Unified Shram Suvidha Portal aims to simplify reporting processes for both inspections and returns, providing a single point of contact for employers, employees, and enforcement agencies.

What is the Shram Suvidha Portal?

The Unified Shram Suvidha Portal is a government-established platform designed to centralise and simplify compliance with India's various labor laws. It streamlines the reporting process, consolidates data related to inspections, and enhances enforcement tracking through key performance indicators.

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How to register for the Shram Suvidha portal?

  1. Visit official Shram Suvidha website
  2. Navigate to "Registration" category
  3. Select the appropriate registration option:
  • EPF-ESI (Employees' Provident Fund-Employees State Insurance)
  • CLRA-ISMW-BOCW (Contract Labour Regulation and Abolition Act – Inter State Migrant Workmen – Building and Other Construction Workers)

Key objectives of the Shram Suvidha Portal

Here is a list of the key objectives of the Shram Suvidha Portal

  • Promoting fair and accountable inspections.
  • Providing a centralised platform for standardised reporting and returns submission.
  • Offering an efficient system to address grievances.
  • Consolidating labor inspection data for improved monitoring and decision-making.
  • Assigning a unique Labour Identification Number (LIN) to each inspectable unit for simplified tracking.
  • Monitoring progress and outcomes using key performance indicators.

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Services offered by the Shram Suvidha Portal

Listed below are the services offered by the Shram Suvidha Portal

  • A web-based system for managing, creating, and updating establishments and their inspection reports.
  • Streamlined monthly filing of Common Returns for the Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) and Employees' State Insurance Corporation (ESIC), along with accelerated submission of Chief Labour Commissioner (CLC) and Directorate General of Mines Safety (DGMS) annual returns.
  • Verification of Enforcement Agency Entities.
  • Online availability of login credentials and passwords for Inspectable Establishments.
  • Labour Identification Number (LIN) generation.
  • Online entry options for employers, establishments, and enforcement bodies.
  • Monthly Return Submission for EPFO and ESIC collectively.
  • Data modification and verification using LIN.

Verification of LIN 

Each organisation registered on the Shram Suvidha Portal receives a unique Labour Identification Number (LIN). Here are the steps for verifying LIN through the Shram Suvidha Portal:

  • Register the company or employer on the Shram Suvidha Portal.
  • Check the portal using the 'Know Your LIN' option to see if the LIN is already present.
  • If the LIN exists, link it to the institution using the 'Link Institution' option.
  • If the LIN is not available, create and request LIN for owned or represented organisations through the 'Establishment' option in the portal menu after logging in.

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The Shram Suvidha Portal represents a significant step forward in simplifying labor law compliance in India. This online platform offers a user-friendly interface, streamlined processes, and readily available resources, helps both employers and the government to navigate the complexities of labor law with greater ease and efficiency.

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Frequently asked questions

What is LIN?

Labour Identification Number (LIN) is a unique identifier assigned to establishments upon registration on the Shram Suvidha portal.

What is Shram Suvidha's e-return facility?

The e-return facility on the Shram Suvidha portal allows employers to file unified returns for labour laws online, enhancing compliance efficiency.

Does the worker have to pay anything to register with eShram?

Registration on the eShram platform is completely free.


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