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Things to Know Before You Sign as a Guarantor for a Loan

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  • Being a loan guarantor will reflect in your credit report

  • The loan guarantor co-signs the agreement with the primary applicant.

  • Repaying the loan in case of default is the primary responsibility of a guarantor

Home loans are huge in amount and that’s why most lenders secure them against collateral or a guarantor.The loan guarantor co-signs the home loan agreement with the primary applicant.

Responsibilities as a home loan guarantor

- Repaying the home loan in case of default: This is the primary responsibility (or liability) of a home loan guarantor. For any reason, if the loan applicant defaults the repayment of the loan, the loan guarantor will have to repay the loan amount.
Lenders usually send notices and give enough time to the applicant to make the payment. However, in case of defaulting 3-4 EMIs, a loan guarantor is asked to repay the amount along with the late fees.

- Complete responsibility throughout the loan tenor: Once you sign up as a guarantor, you’ll be a guarantor for the entire loan tenor. So, for example the loan tenor is for 30 years, your responsibility as a loan guarantor will be for the entire loan tenor or the repayment of the whole loan amount, whichever happens earlier.

- A loan guarantor is not a joint applicant: A joint home loan applicant is someone who has a stake in the property for which the home loan is taken. However, the loan guarantor might not have the stake in the property bought with the home loan.

- Your credit status: Being a loan guarantor will reflect in your credit report. You credit score may take a hit if the loan gets defaulted. Also, you may have restrictions in taking any additional long-term loans.

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There could be a few reasons to ask for a guarantor for a home loan, like:

- High loan amount: If the applicant for the home loan has asked for a huge loan amount, the lender might ask them to bring a loan guarantor.

- Low credit score: If the applicant’s credit score is lower than the required credit score, a loan guarantor is required. An ideal credit score would be 750 or above.

- High risk job: If applicant doesn’t have employment stability or have a risk of losing job, a loan guarantor is required.

- Advanced age: If the applicant’s age is towards the upper limit of the eligible age, a loan guarantor may be required.

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Who can be a home loan guarantor?

- Someone with stable income and employment
- Someone with assets to use as the loan collaterals
- Someone with a good credit score
- Someone with repayment capacity in case of loan default

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