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The Ultimate Hearing Aid Buying Guide: Ear Machine Price and Types

  • Highlights

  • Digital and analog hearing aids help improve your hearing

  • Hearing aids usually cost between Rs.27,000 and Rs.2.7 lakh

  • Get tested to know which type of hearing aid you should buy

  • Buy hearing aids with the Health EMI Network

Losing your sense of hearing is a terrible inconvenience that has adverse effects across several parts of everyday life. It can affect your day-to-day interactions, work life, and also take a toll on your emotional well-being. Surveys have found a very high prevalence of hearing loss in India, especially in the capital. As per a study conducted in 2019, of those examined with some form of hearing loss, 26% were from urban parts of the Delhi. Thankfully, solutions like hearing aids help restore hearing to a great extent and offer relief. However, for those that require an ear listening machine, price can often be a roadblock.

These devices aren’t cheap and some of the best technologically enhanced hearing aids equipped with an app, GPS, and other features can cost more than Rs.2 lakh. In addition, focusing simply on the ear machine cost isn’t smart either as this isn’t the only expense you’ll have to bear. You’ll need to consult two different specialists, an ENT and an audiologist, as part of treatment and undergo several diagnostic tests to check the severity of your hearing loss. Since you can find more than a thousand different types of hearing aids in India, read this guide to understand more and learn of an affordable way to purchase them too!

Types of Hearing Aids

There are two main types of hearing aids, analog and digital, which differ based on the technology used to amplify sound. While digital hearing aids are a lot more common, analog variants are cheaper.


These hearing aids convert sound into electrical signals and then amplify it.


These hearing aids convert sound waves to numerical codes and then amplify it. These provide higher quality output and adjust automatically based on the environment.

Here is a brief overview of the different styles of hearing aids.


These hearing aids sit inside the ear. They are harder to move and adjust.


These hearing aids sit inside the outer ear, and aren’t suited for children as their ears aren’t fully developed.


These sit outside and behind the ear, and are effective for all types of hearing loss, be it mild or severe.

Things To Check Before Buying An Ear Machine!

Not all hearing aids may suit your needs and so, it is wise to go by a checklist such as the one below to avoid missing out on essentials. You can also request your specialist to suggest options or features to prioritize for maximum utility.

  1. Type and style

  2. Additional features available (in digital hearing aids)

  3. Connectivity options

  4. Feedback control

  5. Battery life

  6. Warranty

  7. Cost

Tips for Buying A Hearing Aid

Besides finalizing on an ear machine price range that suits your pocket, there are other things you can also do to improve your experience with hearing aids.

Get tested:

Understanding the severity of your hearing loss can point you in the right direction when choosing hearing aid devices.

Opt for custom fitting:

Custom-fit hearing aids may be costlier but are a lot more comfortable, which is important as you’ll have them on for extended periods of time.

Check various ear machine price lists:

For a pocket-friendly ear machine price, Amazon listings and other such e-commerce platforms should definitely be on your watchlist.

Inquire about additional features:

Digital hearing aids usually have special features and enhancements you can take advantage of. Learn about these as they can make all the difference.

Ear Machine Price in India

Start off by understanding the two main factors that affect prices of hearing aids in India. Firstly, technology plays a major role in the effectiveness and convenience of these devices. A more advanced model with newer features will obviously be more expensive. Secondly, some brands may offer bundled services with aids, which includes tests, follow-up adjustments and more. These are costlier than stand-alone aids, but may prove to be more economical in the long run.

Based on these factors, the prices of ear machines differ and are spread across 3 main categories. They are:

Basic: Price range between Rs.27,000 and Rs.37,000
Mid-range: Price range between Rs.52,000 and Rs.1.20 lakh
Premium: Price range between Rs.1.50 lakh and Rs.2.7 lakh

Buy Ear Machine on EMI using Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card

Given that a standard or micro ear machine price can go up to lakhs of rupees, buying one isn’t affordable for everyone. However, a device like this can transform your everyday experience, and with the Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card, you can buy one on your terms! This card not only offers you a pre-approved limit of up to Rs.4 lakh to use for any health treatment, but also allows you to convert your medical bills into No Cost EMIs! So, you can get the best hearing aids from a trusted brand and repay the amount, along with the doctor’s charges, on flexible EMIs over up to 24 months. This way, you do not need to deplete your savings or compromise on your choice of ear machines, and still stay on budget.

You can also use the Digital Health EMI Network Card at over 5,500 healthcare partners to access over 800 treatments in 1,000+ cities. This makes healthcare accessible to you and your family, wherever you are. What’s more, you can avail special offers when selecting the right hearing aid using this card to save more! Take a look at the offer below:

Partner Name Category Offer Offer valid till
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