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25 May 2021

Among the most exciting mobile phone releases of 2019 was the all-new Samsung Galaxy Fold. It is possibly the first mainstream smartphone that features a fully interactive foldable display. While this technology does have the power to set an industry trend, it does come with its share of downsides. The first is cost, and the price of the Samsung foldable phone in India is rumoured to hover around the Rs. 1 lakh mark. Besides the high Samsung Galaxy Fold price, there is also the question of operational wear and tear. In fact, the official Samsung foldable phone release was in April 2019, but it was recalled before reaching any customers. However, an official announcement reveals that the Samsung foldable phone launch is scheduled to happen in September and that the previous problems have now been resolved. To know more about this exceptional smartphone, read on.

Samsung Galaxy Fold phone redesign after screen failures

With the previous design, the phone’s display was improperly designed to look as if the top protective layer was a screen protector. Reviewers complained that this was likely to confuse users, which could lead to them damaging the screen. To remedy this, Samsung has extended the top layer right up till the bezel to look seamless.

Another issue that the Galaxy Fold faced was the unsealed parts around the hinge. This caused debris to collect under the screen and, in some cases, even caused the screen to stop working altogether. However, in a statement, Samsung mentioned that it has dealt with this issue by sealing up the vulnerable areas and assuring that the phone will not encounter the same hindrance again in its newer version.

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Lastly, the strength of the folding hinge was questioned, and Samsung demonstrated that the brand’s innovative device could withstand over 2 lakh folds. However, this raised concerns as the tests were done in a controlled environment and may not stand trial in a real-life experience. Putting these concerns to bed, the brand has given the hinges a coating of metal layers and additional protection caps. These have been added to the top and bottom area of the hinge to give it a sturdy base.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold: All you need to know

Samsung Galaxy Fold design

Among the many Samsung foldable phone features, the design is an element that stands out the most. It has a 20-part dual-axis hinge to unfold the screen up to 180 degrees. The hinge is designed to withstand up to 2 lakh folds and unfolds and has an intelligent finish that makes it vanish into the body when fully opened. The Samsung foldable phone thickness is about 17mm, making it about 9mm thicker than most smartphones available in the market.

Samsung Galaxy Fold display

The Samsung foldable phone display is a 7.3-inch dynamic AMOLED panel with a pixel density of 362ppi. The multi-touch capacitive touchscreen outputs at an aspect ratio of 16:10 and resolutions to 2152x1536 pixels. When folded, you can interface with the 4.6-inch HD+ Super AMOLED display on the front, which allows you to interface with it as a normal, albeit smaller, smartphone.

However, this smaller size is a lot more comfortable to use with just one hand, and so, it is a value trade-up for a few inches of screen. This exterior display can be mainly used as a notification HUD and playback control without experiencing any compromises in visual quality. Considering the Galaxy Fold price in India, this device feels reminiscent of the earlier Samsung technology and will definitely be a pleasure to interact with.

Interface and performance

You can use this smartphone in two modes, phone and tablet. The phone mode is when it is folded, and you’re working with the smaller exterior display. You can still enjoy the full functionality of all your apps, but the only trade-up is screen size. When switched over to tablet mode, any apps you had open in phone mode will seamlessly accommodate the new screen. This is done quickly and instantaneously, thanks to the snappy Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Octa-Core processor and nimble 12GB RAM module. Among the many Samsung foldable phone specs, the processor and RAM are best in class, ensuring your smartphone usage and experience are as premium as possible.

Samsung Galaxy Fold cameras and battery

Of all the Samsung Fold specs, the camera and the battery are the most important for any user. The Galaxy Fold does not disappoint in terms of camera technology as it will have triple rear cameras and dual front cameras. The rear Samsung foldable phone camera has two 12MP sensors and one 16MP sensor that can effortlessly capture incredible photographs, be it landscape or portrait. As for the front cameras, it has one 10MP sensor that works alongside another 8MP sensor with an aperture of f2.2, allowing you to click selfies in full quality, even at low light.

As for the battery pack, early Samsung foldable phone reviews stated that this phone has a 4380mAh Li-Polymer battery that supports quick charging functionality. Further, you can also use the wireless charging hub to charge this device.

Samsung Galaxy Fold release date and price

The Samsung Fold release date was September 18, 2019. In an interview, Samsung’s CEO DJ Koh revealed that after endless testing, the phone was finally ready to enter the market in some countries by September 2019.
The Samsung foldable phone price in India is expected to be Rs. 1.4 lakh, which will make it one of the most expensive smartphones available today.

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