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Steps To Check Your CIBIL Score Using Your PAN Card

  • Highlights

  • Check credit score using PAN details on CIBIL's website

  • You are entitled to one free credit score check a year

  • Scores of over 750 help you get unsecured loans quickly

  • Get an instant Personal Loan via a pre-approved offer

Your CIBIL score is your credit score as determined by TransUnion CIBIL, a credit rating bureau. It is a 3-digit number, ranging from 300 to 900, and is based on the information in your credit report. One easy way to calculate your CIBIL score is to get it from CIBIL itself by submitting your PAN card details, which serve as an identifier.

Check your cibil score for free

Since your PAN is linked with your financial accounts and tax payments, it helps CIBIL aggregate your data easily. You can check CIBIL score by PAN number, free of cost, once a year, or multiple times by paying the required fee. Here are the steps that you should follow to check your CIBIL score by PAN card.

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Procedure to Check CIBIL Score by PAN Card

The best way to get your CIBIL score is to obtain it from CIBIL itself to ensure you can see the most recent updates. Follow these steps to carry out a CIBIL check by PAN number verification:

  • Log on to https://www.cibil.com/

  • Click on the button at the top right corner of the screen that reads: ‘Get your CIBIL score’

  • Choose one of the subscription plans

  • Provide details like your date of birth, mobile number and email address

  • Create a password that you will use to login

  • Select ‘Income Tax ID (PAN)’ as your ID type and enter your PAN number

  • Proceed to ‘verify your identity’ and answer all questions accurately

  • Complete the process at the ‘make payment tab’

  • If this is a one-time need, sidestep the subscriptions and proceed to your account

  • Login to your account by authenticating yourself via email or OTP

  • Enter details in the form that appears

  • Submit the form to see your CIBIL score displayed on the dashboard

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Here are a few things to note as you go about this procedure:

  • You can check CIBIL score for free by PAN number verification, once a year.

  • You can also get your CIBIL score without a PAN card by using your passport, voter’s ID or driving license as your identifier.

  • In case of inaccuracies, you can initiate a dispute through CIBIL’s website online or by regular post.

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Applying for a Loan after Checking your CIBIL Score

You are most likely to conduct a CIBIL check by PAN number free of cost just before you apply for a loan. This is a good thing to do as your eligibility partially hinges on your score. A score of below 700 indicates some financial hiccups in your credit repayment and experience. Thus, obtaining a loan may be difficult. A CIBIL score of 700 to 750 is good, especially for secured loans. Having a high credit score, of 750 and above, helps you obtain an unsecured loan like a personal loan quickly.

Things to know about CIBIL Score Bajaj Finserv

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