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Being a Digital Doctor Today

  • Highlights

  • Video-chats for remote consultation

  • Patients record keeping via cloud storage

  • Tech-enabled surgeries

  • Treatments through artificial intelligence.

Technology has changed our lives so many ways that sometimes we don’t even notice them, with healthcare being no exception. The technological intervention in medical field aka the concept of a ‘Digital Doctor’ is gaining popularity.

Going the Distance with telemedicine

Digital doctors use the video-chat to connect with patients all over the country. Doctors from a command centre connect digitally to patients in various nodes.
Sometimes a trained nurse attains the patient to help him though the process. Doctors take the data, make the diagnosis and prescribe the medicine. This system removes the problem like distance and availability of doctors.

Globally, number of patients has increased manifold compared to increase in number of doctors. That makes the doctors high in demand. A good amount of time is wasted in transport. Also, patients from far areas may not always have access to medical facilities. The digital connection provides a fast and reliable solution for the problem.

Changing the face of modern healthcare, such telemedicine facilities can cost between Rs.12-18 lakh in India. Doctors can easily switch to telemedicine with a convenient Loan for Doctors that offers funds up to Rs.2 crore at an attractive rate of interest.

Paperless Records

You may have experienced the troublesome process of keeping out medical records handy for the next doctor’s appointment. Particularly patients with critical conditions or chronic illnesses have a fat file to carry every time. Digital Doctors today have a better alternative: they manage patient information online, use e-prescriptions And digitally check diagnostic reports electronically. This transition can be brought by EHR management systems which costs around Rs. 10 to Rs.45 lakh in India.

With customised financing solutions like business loans for doctors, medical establishments can revolutionise their operations through such advanced software.

Tech-aided Surgery

It is can be considered one of the early adaptations of technology in medicine. For precision, doctors use camera and robot hands to operate on patients. Camera is inserted within the body to find blockages in blood vessels or troubles on GI tract. The future Digital Doctors are planning to go even beyond the frontier. They will operate through robot hands remotely.

How doctors can take their practice to the next level

How to apply for a Business Loan for Doctors

With an easy 4-step online application process, availing a Business Loan for Doctors has never been simpler.

You simply need to fill in some basic details on the form, post which our representative gives you a call to confirm your offer and schedule a document pickup. Next, he arrives right to your doorstep at the scheduled time and collects the needed documents like your KYC documents and medical degree certificate. After the verification process is complete, the loan is disbursed to your account within 24 hours.

What makes a Business Loan for Doctors score over a regular business loan for your practice is that these take into consideration your medical degree and professional qualifications while processing the loan and hence offer you loans with minimal documentation and loan disbursal within 24 hours.

The money in bank in 24 hours feature thus, helps in taking care of any immediate practice need.

Artificial Intelligence: The Strategy Master

The digital doctor uses artificial intelligence in the treatment process, which is only going to make bigger advances. In future, it is expected to be used further. With patients, come in vast amounts of unstructured data.

Traditionally, doctors go through piles of medical data for diagnose the illness or conditions and then choose the best treatment plan for him.

The number of alternative treatment plans is so vast that it is really a herculean work to find the right one.
A digital doctor uses a supercomputer that is armed with Artificial intelligence capabilities, processes data very fast; makes correlations and presents suitable alternatives to the doctor. The doctor then verifies and prescribes to the patient. The entire process ensures a much faster and accurate treatment process.

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