How to use a mortgage loan calculator?

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Our mortgage loan calculator helps you plan repayment when you take the Bajaj Finserv Loan Against Property. It calculates the total repayment, the total interest payable and the EMIs to be paid every month.

Estimate your monthly instalments with this handy online tool and plan your finances better.

3 steps to use the mortgage loan calculator

  • Choose the loan amount
    Before using the calculator, have a reasonable idea of the mortgage loan amount you want to avail. Fill in this amount under the ‘Loan Amount’ section
  • Select repayment tenor
    Choose a repayment tenor stretching up to 15 years. Convert your preferable tenor into months and add in the ‘Tenor’ section.
  • Input the rate of interest
    Now enter the mortgage loan interest rate in the ‘Rate of Interest’ section.

NOTE: You can also move the slider in every section instead of filling information manually.

Once you have entered these details, the mortgage loan calculator computes the results accurately and instantly. You can change the loan amount and tenor to compute the ideal EMI for yourself. To reduce the total interest payable, reduce the loan amount. To make your EMIs budget-friendly, you can increase the tenor.

Once you have forecasted your EMIs, get started with the loan application. Check our easy-to-meet mortgage loan eligibility requirements and keep the necessary documents ready for fast approval. Our simple and online mortgage loan process makes applying easy and stress-free.

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