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Convert Bigha To Square Meter

1 Bigha is equal to 2508.38 square meter. Here’s all you need to know to complete a Bigha to meter conversion.

What is Bigha?

In various Indian states, the bigha is a prominent land unit for measuring land. It is also used in countries in South Asia, such as Bangladesh and Nepal. This measuring unit is used in states, such as Bihar, Assam, Haryana, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, West Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh. In southern India, Bigha is not often used.

In Uttar Pradesh, 1 bigha equals 27,000 square feet. This will differ from state to state in India. You may calculate the final value of 1 Bigha to sq. ft. for larger numbers now that you know the value of 1 Bigha in your state.

For land measurement, there is a significant variation between the kuccha and pucca Bigha units. The two types of Bighas, kuccha and pucca Bigha land measurement units, are used in numerous Indian states, including Rajasthan. The kuccha refers to raw Bigha, whereas the pucca refers to ripe Bigha.

What is a Square Meter?

The square metre is one of the most widely used land measurement units in the world. It is used to calculate the area of a two-dimensional space. Floor space or property area is measured in Square Meters in real estate. This unit cannot be used to measure a single-direction length or distance. A square metre area is a portion of land that is square in measurement and has 1-meter length boundary walls.

Formula to Convert Bigha into Square Meter

The formula will, thus, be:
Square Meter= Bigha*2508.38
Remember to check the commonly accepted value of Bigha in your state before doing the conversion.

Formula to Convert Square Meter in Bigha

The following is the formula to convert Square Meter in Bigha:
Bigha = Square Meter/ 2508.38

Bigha to Square Meter Conversion Table

You can also use the online Bigha to Square Meter calculator to make the conversion easier.

Bigha Square Meter
1 bigha 1011.71 Square Meter
2 bigha 2023.43 Square Meter
3 bigha 3035.14 Square Meter
4 bigha 4046.85 Square Meter
5 bigha 5058.57 Square Meter
6 bigha 6070.28 Square Meter
7 bigha 7081.99 Square Meter
8 bigha 8093.71 Square Meter
9 bigha 9105.42 Square Meter
10 bigha 10117.14 Square Meter
11 bigha 11128.85 Square Meter
12 bigha 12140.57 Square Meter
13 bigha 13152.28 Square Meter
14 bigha 14163.99 Square Meter
15 bigha 15175.71 Square Meter
16 bigha 16187.42 Square Meter
17 bigha 17199.14 Square Meter
18 bigha 18210.85 Square Meter
19 bigha 19222.56 Square Meter
20 bigha 20234.28 Square Meter
21 bigha 21245.99 Square Meter
22 bigha 22257.71 Square Meter
23 bigha 23269.42 Square Meter
24 bigha 24281.14 Square Meter
25 bigha 25292.85 Square Meter
26 bigha 26304.56 Square Meter
27 bigha 27316.28 Square Meter
28 bigha 28327.99 Square Meter
29 bigha 29339.70 Square Meter
30 bigha 30351.42 Square Meter
31 bigha 31363.13 Square Meter
32 bigha 32374.85 Square Meter
33 bigha 33386.56 Square Meter
34 bigha 34398.28 Square Meter
35 bigha 35409.99 Square Meter
36 bigha 36421.70 Square Meter
37 bigha 37433.42 Square Meter
38 bigha 38445.14 Square Meter
39 bigha 39456.85 Square Meter
40 bigha 40468.56 Square Meter

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How many Bigha in square meter?

1 Bigha= 2508.38 Square meter

How to convert Bigha to square meter?

1 Bigha is equal to 2508.38 square meter. So multiply the number with 100, in order to convert it into square meter.

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