Bajaj Finserv Loan Statement Overview

Effective loan management requires access to details, and a loan statement can provide that. A document like this entails total outstanding, principal amount, EMIs, total payable interest, and tenor. Every financial institution issues a statement like this to its customers every month, if they ask for it. The Bajaj Finserv loan statement also offers a consolidated overview of your loan repayment.

Read on to know more about the Bajaj Finserv statement, and you can access it online via the Experia customer portal or through one of its branches.

Ways to download a Bajaj Finserv Loan Statement

Downloading a Bajaj Finserv loan statement periodically is vital as it helps you stay updated with your debt and plan your finances accordingly. Nonetheless, accessing one is not an issue anymore, and you can follow the steps stated below for this purpose.

  • Using the website

The dedicated customer portal or Experia allows you to download this statement without hassle. Here are the steps –

Step 1: Go to this Experia customer portal and log in using the required credentials, or you can also choose to log in using an OTP sent to your registered phone number

Step 2: Visit the ‘Services’ section and click on ‘View Details’

Step 3: Go to ‘E-statement’ and check your loan account details or complete the Bajaj Finserv loan statement download, if needed

  • Using the mobile application

You can also use the Bajaj Finserv loan app to access and download this loan statement. Here is a step-by-step guide –

Step 1: Download this mobile application on your phone and complete the login procedure using the required credential

Step 2: Select the loan account you want to download the statement of and click on ‘e-statement’ to get it

  • Via nearest branch

Apart from these aforementioned online processes, you can also get a Bajaj Finserv account statement from one of the nearest branches

Benefits of a Bajaj Finserv loan statement

Here are some notable benefits of having access to a loan statement –

1. Effective financial planning

Since a document like this includes every information of a loan account, access to it can aid you to learn more about repayment. You can know about your remaining loan balance, its tenor, and other details.

Hence, you can now plan your finances accordingly and, if required, reset your repayment terms as per your financial capacity. Additionally, you can also plan part payment or foreclosure based on the information available on this document.

2. Keep track of payments

Besides helping you in plan your finances, a Bajaj Finserv statement of loan enables you to keep track of your repayment. You can now check the money paid towards interest and principal repayment with its assistance. 

3. Easy access

This benefit is particularly reserved for the online statement as it is available anytime, anywhere. With the help of online portals like Experia, you can now access a loan statement easily.

A Bajaj Finserv loan statement is a handy piece of paper as it helps you know everything about your loan. Additionally, with online services, it is now available without any hassle.

Frequently asked questions

How do I check my loan balance?

Checking the loan balance with Bajaj Finserv is easier than ever. You can now log in to the Experia portal or mobile application for this purpose. Otherwise, you can always do it offline by contacting the customer care number 8698010101 or sending an SMS to 9227564444.

How can I check my EMI loan statement?

You can now check and complete a Bajaj Finserv loan statement download through the Experia customer portal or mobile app. You can simply log in and select the loan account you want a statement of, and you will receive its details. Alternatively, you can also visit your nearest Bajaj Finance branch for this purpose.

How can I know my Bajaj Finserv EMI date?

You can know about your Bajaj Finserv EMI date through the e-statement that you can obtain online and offline.

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