Single Maturity Scheme Calculator

The frequency of the payout is the main difference between the Single Maturity Scheme and the Monthly Maturity Scheme. With the single maturity scheme, you receive the lump sum amount of all your deposits on a single day.

The maturity date of each subsequent deposit is adjusted according to your chosen tenor, which means the tenor for individual deposits gradually reduces for each subsequent deposit. This plan aims to generate a lump sum corpus at maturity, making this an ideal option if you want to achieve a short-term financial goal.

Choose investment amount, tenor and number of deposits to estimate your returns at maturity.


Exciting Update! Bajaj Finance SDP rates are revised upwards w.e.f May 10, 2022. Now start investing and enjoy higher returns of up to 7.45% p.a. T&C apply. To check the latest Systematic Deposit Plan interest rates, click here