Monthly Maturity Scheme Calculator

The payout frequency is the key difference between the Single Maturity Scheme and the Monthly Maturity Scheme.

In the Monthly Maturity Scheme, the tenor chosen applies to each deposit you make. Every deposit matures on a different date as per the selected tenor. Payouts relating to that deposit are disbursed on the date of maturity. This helps you get multiple monthly payouts while offering adequate liquidity every month. The objective of the scheme is to generate monthly payouts as per the maturity date of each deposit. If you foresee the need for additional monthly income in the near future, choosing this variant would be ideal.

Choose investment amount, tenor and number of deposits to estimate your monthly returns.


The returns are indicative and computed on the basis of the assumption that ROI will stay constant. Hence, this amount may vary. In practice, interest rate prevailing on date of each deposit will be applicable to that particular deposit.