Loan Against Securities EMI Calculator

Plan your loan against securities instalments wisely.

Loan Against Securities EMI Calculator

The loan against securities EMI calculator is an ideal solution for instant calculation of EMIs. With just a few basic inputs such as loan amount, interest rate, and tenure, borrowers can determine their payable EMIs. The EMI calculator provides the total interest payable and EMIs throughout the loan tenure, allowing for a more efficient loan against securities EMI calculation. This helps in identifying the most economical loan against securities EMI options by computing these costs ahead of time.


Results generated by the calculator(s) are indicative in nature.

The calculator(s) are not intended to provide its users/ customers with results that are either certified by Bajaj Finance Limited (“BFL”) or are an obligation, assurance, warranty, undertaking or commitment, financial and professional advice by BFL, under any circumstances. The calculator(s) is only a tool that assists the users/ customers arrive at results of various illustrative scenarios generated from data input by the user/ customer. The use of the calculator is entirely at the risk of the user/ customer, BFL is not responsible for any reason, for any errors in any outcome resulting from the use of the calculator. The interest rate applied on the loan will depend on the prevailing rates at the time of loan booking

Frequently asked questions

Where can I view the list of securities that are pledged to BFL for availing loan against securities facility?

You can view the list of securities pledged by you to BFL by viewing the IVR (Interim Valuation Report) available under View Statements in the LAS service section.

Which securities are accepted under a Loan Against Securities?

You can avail a loan against security by providing any of the following securities:
• Shares
• Mutual funds
• Insurance policy
• Bonds
*Only Bajaj Allianz, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, Max Life & TATA AIA Unit Linked Insurance Policies are accepted.
**Loan against bonds and insurance policies are not available through the Bajaj Finserv App. Send us your requirement at for further details.

What documents are required for opening a Loan Against Securities account?

Opening a Loan Against Securities account through Bajaj Finance is limited to an individual applicant and only KYC documents are required to be uploaded.

For easy and smooth onboarding, we recommend keeping below documents handy:

• PAN card
• Proof of Identity and Address (Aadhar, Passport, Driving Licence, Voter ID, etc.)
• Demat holding statement

What is the minimum and maximum required for availing loan against securities?

To avail loan against securities, an individual should be between 18 to 90 years of age.

What happens when price of my shares fall?

LTV (Loan to value) ratio of 50% is always required to be maintained for Loan Against Shares. Anyshortfall in the maintenance of the 50% LTV occurring on account of movement in the share prices shall be made good within 7 working days.

Also in case the Loan-to-Value fall more than 85% then BFL will go ahead with the liquidation of shares after intimating the client.

How can I make good the shortfall?

You can repay the shortfall, or you can pledge more shares to repay the shortfall.

What if I am unable to fulfil the shortfall within 7 working days?

In case you fail to fulfil the shortfall within 7 working days, Bajaj Finance Limited holds the rights to sell the pledged shares to make good the shortfall.

Is it possible to make a part prepayment/foreclosure before the end of the loan tenor?

Yes, it is possible. You may make a part prepayment or foreclose the entire loan before the end of the tenor. Besides, there are no foreclosure / prepayment charges payable for making part prepayment or foreclosing the entire loan before the end of the tenure.

I am looking to apply for a loan against securities. How do I avail it from Bajaj Finserv App?

The loan against shares and loan against mutual funds facility available through the Bajaj Finserv App is only applicable for individuals, for loans up to Rs. 5 crore.

We also provide loan against shares and loan against mutual funds up to Rs.300 crore tocorporates/HUF/LLP/Partnership. The actual amounts sanctioned would depend upon the credit profile of the applicants, value of securities pledged etc, at the sole discretion of Bajaj Finance Ltd. ("BFL*") Applicants other than individuals can reach us at for availing this facility.

What is the loan to value offered against the securities provided?

The loan to value currently offered against securities are as follows:

For shares: up to 50%
For mutual funds: up to 90%
For bonds: up to 95%

Please note that the above are subject to change depending upon the applicable regulations and internal policies of BFL.

What is the tenure of loan against securities?

The tenure of the loan is from 7 days to 36 months. Any renewal of the loan/ facility shall be at the sole discretion of BFL.

Whom can I contact in case I need any assistance?

For any assistance with regards to loan against securities you can write to us at

What is the frequency for interest payment?

Interest on loan against securities facility is payable on a monthly basis.

Is my interest applicable on the entire loan amount?

No. The interest is charged only on the loan amount that you have drawn down or outstanding loan amount

What is the interest payment cycle for loan against securities?

The interest cycle is calculated from 7th day of each calendar month to the 6th day of succeeding month. Interest due towards loan against securities is generated on the 7th of every month.

What is LTV?

LTV is loan to value ratio. This is the ratio of the loan amount outstanding to the value of pledged securities. A minimum of 50% LTV is always required to be maintained for loan against shares facility.

When will I receive the funds after applying for loan against securities?

Post successful application and pledging of shares/ lien marking of mutual funds, the loan amount will be disbursed to your registered bank account within working 24 hours.

When can I release my securities?

You can release securities provided you are not in shortfall and have excess withdrawable funds available. The request will be processed within 24 working hours post verification.

How many scrips are approved for availing loan against securities?

For loan against shares, we have an approved list of 700+ stocks which may be accepted for sanctioning loan against shares. For loan against mutual funds, we have 6000+ approved schemes which are acceptable. The list of approved securities may be modified by BFL from time to time as per the internal policies and procedures of BFL.

Can I swap/change securities during my loan tenure?

Yes, you can swap/change the securities during the tenure of the loan. Swapping would be allowed within the approved securities list of Bajaj Finance Limited (BFL).

How frequently does the price of my stock/ security/ mutual fund scheme get updated in the Bajaj Finserv app/BFL Portal?

For the purpose of valuation, the price of your stocks/securities/ shares is updated in the Bajaj Finserv app / BFL Portal every 5 minutes and for mutual fund schemes it is updated at the end of every day.

Funds pertaining to which AMCs can be pledged to avail loan against securities?

All AMCs registered with CAMS( Computer Age Management Services) and K-Fin Technology (Registrar) can be pledged to avail loan against mutual funds.

What is the process of pledging shares?

Below are the steps to pledge shares:

In case your DP is NSOL, shares can be pledged on the app itself, for offline pledging on CSOL or NSOL, you may follow below steps:

Step 1: Reach out to your existing broker for your holding statement
Step 2: Request pledge creation form from your Depository
Participant (DP) basis the depository (NSOL/CDSL.)
Step 3: Fill the form using the below Pledge Details:
Pledge Name: Bajaj Finance Limited
Pledgee DP Details: Fill the details of the Depository Participant
Account where you maintain your account (either COSL or
Depository DP ID Client ID CDSL12088600 00000061
NSOL IN304300 10000061
Step 4: Submit the form to your existing broker with the details
Step 5: Once the shares are pledged, the loan* will be disbursed
*Final loan amount shall be calculated basis the effective pledge marked on the shares and the price of the shares.

How frequently is the value of my securities calculated?

Values of pledged shares are updated every 5 minutes and value of lien marked schemes are updated at the end of every day. The IVR (Interim Valuation Report) of the pledged securities is sent to your registered email address on a daily basis.

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