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Loan Against Property without ITR

How To Avail Loan Against Property Without Income Proof Or ITR?

A 2018 survey shows that around 15 to 20 million people in India are underbanked, with a high probability of not holding any income proof. While some may have a stable source of income, others may be freelancers or unemployed. To allow them access high-value financing, lenders often sanction a loan against property without ITR or income proof.

Income proof or IT return is essential to evaluate your repayment capability and ensure against any chances of defaulting.

If you want a loan against property without income proof or ITR, you may need to fulfil certain documentation and eligibility parameters. Additionally, follow a few tips to get approval with less hassle.

Tips to Avail a Loan Against Property without Income Proof

1. Apply With A Co-applicant

If your spouse, mother, father, brother, son or unmarried daughter is an earning member with valid income proof, you can avail a Property Loan with the co-applicant.

2. Provide With A Justification

Ensure to provide a proper justification of not holding an income proof or ITR. Remember, filing ITR is extremely crucial, and you can discuss with a tax consultant before considering the Mortgage Loan.

3. Talk To An Authorised Representative Or Relationship Manager

Directly speak to the relationship manager or any other authorised representative and assure him/her to make timely repayments of the loan against property without defaulting.

Apart from these, do the following as well –

  • Explain the concerned officer regarding your source of income.
  • Ensure to hold a bank balance, which is double the expected loan EMIs.
  • Select a lower LTV if you can bear the remaining amount from your pocket.

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