Instant loan app without CIBIL Score

Use an app to get an instant loan with pre-approved offers, without needing to check your CIBIL Score.
Instant loan app without CIBIL Score
5 min read
03 February 2024

In the realm of personal finance, a good credit score is often seen as a prerequisite for obtaining loans and credit cards. However, for many individuals who lack a robust credit history or have a low CIBIL Score, accessing traditional lending options can be challenging. Thankfully, the advent of fintech companies and NBFCs has ushered in a new era of financial inclusivity, allowing people to secure instant loans through mobile apps, without needing to check their CIBIL Score beforehand.

These innovative apps for loans leverage advanced algorithms and alternative data sources to assess an individual's creditworthiness beyond just their CIBIL Score or income proof. By analysing factors such as income, spending patterns, and repayment behaviour, these apps can provide a more holistic evaluation of a borrower's financial health, enabling them to make lending decisions in real time.

With a Bajaj Finance Insta Personal Loan, we provide pre-approved offers to existing customers while new customers can generate a pre-assigned limit for themselves. All you need is a mobile number and OTP to check your offer. Since these are pre-approved, you do not need to check your CIBIL Score. We assess creditworthiness using various parameters before extending you an offer.

Here is how you can check your Insta Personal Loan offer

  1. Click on ‘CHECK OFFER’.
  2. Enter your 10-digit mobile number and OTP.
  3. Once successfully verified, your pre-approved personal loan offer details will be displayed on your screen.
  4. Go with the pre-assigned limit or choose a different loan amount.
  5. Choose a repayment tenure that suits you best.
  6. Click on ‘PROCEED’ to complete the online process.

The online process may differ depending on whether you are a new customer or have an existing relationship with us. Select customers may be able to get the funds they need without having to submit any documents.

One of the primary advantages of using these online loan apps is the speed and convenience that they offer. Instead of undergoing the lengthy and often cumbersome process of traditional loan applications, users can simply download the app, fill out a few basic details, and receive an instant decision on their loan application. This rapid turnaround time is especially beneficial in emergencies when quick access to funds is paramount. With our Insta Personal Loan, select customers can get funds in their account in as little as 30 minutes*.

Furthermore, these apps typically offer flexible loan options tailored to meet the diverse needs of borrowers. Whether it is a small, short-term loan to cover unexpected expenses or a larger instalment loan for more significant financial requirements, users can find a variety of borrowing options that suit their circumstances. Additionally, many apps provide transparent terms and competitive interest rates, allowing borrowers to make informed decisions about their finances.

However, while these instant loan apps offer a lifeline to those needing urgent funds, borrowers need to exercise responsible financial management. Taking on debt without a solid repayment plan in place can exacerbate financial woes in the long run. Therefore, borrowers should borrow only what they need and ensure they can comfortably afford to repay the loan on time.


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