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Top 4 networking platforms that doctors must be present on

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Doctors and health-care practitioners, unlike other professionals might not be regular on social networking sites like Facebook. Yet connecting with their peers and colleagues can help them develop useful insights and critical thinking detrimental to solve complex health issues. So, in order to enable medical professionals to communicate with likeminded people, multiple networking platforms were formulated. These networking sites were developed specifically for doctors.
Medical practitioners are already sharing case details, practice data and other insights on Fb, WhatsApp groups and Google hangouts. But these options are subject to data mining practices. So even if you are on generic social networking sites, you might be missing out by not utilising the exclusive networking apps designed for health-care practitioners.
Doctor centric social networking sites offer greater connectivity, crowd sourcing information and better research opportunities. Below is a list of four networking options available for Indian doctors


It is an app developed for doctors to collaborate on critical cases and stay updated on health-care news and updates. It also provides access to journals, case studies and medical guidelines. Curofy aids job search and also provides access to videos and interview sessions of eminent physicians. Different modules offered are:
Curofy Discuss - Enables doctors to discuss real life medical situations

Medical News - Helps keep track of latest news and happenings in the industry Curofy Genie - Provides consultancy services related to professional needs, ranging from providing info about suitable sources of finance like business loan for doctors. to medical equipment and health-care jobs.
Curofy Guideline - Stock of community approved treatment plans
Curofy Journal - Free access to medical journals
Curofy MCQ - Set of questions and detailed answers for medical students

2. Docplexus

This is the largest network of health-care professionals in India. With 2,50,000+ members Docplexus enables better knowledge sharing opportunities emerging from peer to peer discussions. Under a different module Docplexus Insights, they offer a series of informative blogs and press releases to health-care professionals.

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3. PlexusMD

Another free app providing access to case details, medical news and career opportunities. It collaborates news, information and announcements from 500+ sources like Medscape, WebMD, Harvard etc.

4. Dailyrounds:

Acts as a social networking site, medical journal keeper, drugs and case database, all in one. The app consists of 2000+ modules and 10k+ brands. Dailyrounds also offers coverage of key international and national medical events.

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