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Top 10 HMS this 2018

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  • Reduce errors with hospital management software

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  • List of 10 HMS software

Hospital Management System is an electronic health record solution, crafted to reduce errors involved in medical practice, increase patient satisfaction and improve physician efficiency. Below is a consolidated list of top 10 HMS software available in India:

1. SoftClinic by JVS Group

Used by 1500+ doctors over 30 countries, was originally designed as a clinic management software. Modules offered are OPD, IPD, billing, insurance, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, account, HR. Currently equipped to support 1-1000+ users.

2. eHospital by Adroit Infosystems

This is a customizable healthcare tool. Modules covered are ward management, billing and appointment scheduling. Backed by real-time customer support, is presently serving 1-1000+ users.

3. Insta HMS by Practo

Accessible both by cloud and web, this HMS avails license free software bringing down the ownership cost. Practo is providing different packages for hospitals and clinics both at basic and advanced level. Priced at approximately Rs.1277/month per user, can be accessed by 2-1000+ users.

4. eHelpDesk by Giva

This hospital information system is easy to use and can be deployed without the need of programming. Giva offers trial packages for a short duration of 30 days for pre-testing their products.

5. Hospital Management software by Tirupati International

This indigenous software offers connectivity through mobile phones and tablets. Aimed at serving 100-500 users, this HMS comes with a price tag of about Rs.80,000.

6. Health Data Archiver by Harmony Healthcare IT

An electronic medical record keeper enabling you to retain prior information. They help extract, migrate and retain data to create a cost-effective HMS. It can serve 1-1000+ users at any given time.

7. Medstar HIS by Pinaacle Technologies

Medstar HIS is aiming to automate the healthcare process and popularise the paperless hospital concept. With high levels of data security and reliable backup facilities, it attracts a price tag of Rs. 15,965/month.

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8. ProMed by ProEmTech Infosystems

Designed for clinical data management, ProMed stores and manages your data effectively, efficiently and securely. Priced at around Rs. 63,861 this HMS can serve 1-1000+ users.

9. Suvarna Technosoft Suvarna-HIS by Suvarna Technosoft

Another indigenous product providing clinical data management service. Modules available are diabetes, document management, inventory, nursing management and nephrology. Priced at approx. Rs.19,158/month, it can be availed by 1-1000+ users.

10. eVisit by eVisit

This software helps medical practitioners connect remotely with their patients and facilitates reimbursement for tele-medicine visits. It is can serve 1-9 users at Rs. 6,322/month.
More and more medical practitioners are opting to inculcate HMS software in their establishment. Backed with a suitable financing tool like business loan for doctors, HMS is aiming to change the way how Indian doctors practice medicine.

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