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05 Jan 2021

Having crooked, misaligned or crowded teeth sometimes causes inconvenience. Malocclusions like these are uncomfortable and prevent your teeth from performing essential functions optimally. As a result, those with such conditions also commonly experience speech problems like lisps or find it difficult to chew or bite down. In more severe cases, these can also lead to misaligned jaws or even cause alterations in the facial structure. As a result, treating such malocclusions should be a priority, where dental braces come into play.

Dental or teeth braces are appliances that orthodontists prescribe to help correct misalignments. There are many different types of teeth braces, with some being simple, removable and clear teeth aligners, which work best for minor adjustments. Dentists usually do a complete examination, including imaging tests, before suggesting the best teeth braces. However, if you're considering getting dental braces, it is wise to do your research. This way, you are better prepared for treatment and can be proactively involved in your oral health. Here's all you need to know.

What are teeth braces?

Teeth braces are wire-based appliances used to correct malocclusions. In most cases, these are prescribed during adolescent years, but adults can also get braces. However, adults need to wear these braces for longer durations to see optimal results.

Fixed braces have four main components that you should be aware of:

  • Brackets: These are attached to the outer surface of the teeth.
  • Archwire: This connects the brackets with the ring-like bands and is responsible for moving teeth.
  • Ring-like bands: These encircle the molars and hold the archwire in place.
  • Bands or metal ties: These add corrective pressure and move the teeth.

What types of teeth braces are available in India?

There are four main types of teeth braces, and each has its own sets of advantages, disadvantages and costs. Here is a brief overview.

1. Metal braces

These are made of stainless steel and most popular choice as they are affordable and durable, and the average cost of metal braces is Rs. 39,000.

2. Ceramic braces

These are customised braces made of a transparent ceramic material, typically the choice of those who have cosmetic concerns. Ceramic braces are costlier than metal braces, and the average cost is Rs. 55,000.

3. Invisalign

Costly, comfortable, removable and ineffective for severe problems. It costs close to Rs. 2.5 lakh making it the most expensive.

4. Lingual braces

These are similar to metal braces but are affixed behind the teeth and are out of sight. These are tougher to clean and take longer to adjust. The average cost of lingual braces can amount to Rs. 90,000.

Benefits of teeth braces

A key benefit to wearing teeth braces is to correct any malocclusions you may have. As a result, this will repair your bite to something more naturally suitable and fix jaw alignment. Additionally, it can fix speech impairment, improve oral care, reduce the risk of cavities and periodontal disease, and keep the chipping of teeth in check.

Special care and precautions with teeth braces

Once you have braces, make sure you maintain them. Here is a quick guide to help!



Rinse after every meal

Consume overly sugary foods

Brush as often as possible to clear out leftover food

Chew gum or other sticky foods that may damage the brackets

Follow the dentist's instructions, especially with removable appliances

Avoid hard foods that can cause damage to brackets

Floss to keep your teeth and braces as clean as possible

Miss or skip routine appointments with the dentist

Eat soft foods after every dentist appointment

Forget to use a mouthguard if you play contact sports

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