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25 May 2021

A washing machine is one of the most frequently used appliances in a home. Washing machines undergo frequent technology upgrades that add incredible value like all appliances. Getting your hands on the latest, most-advanced top or front-load Samsung washing machine will make doing laundry effortless.

With intelligent temperature-controlled features and efficient washing programs, you can wash your clothes in a simple, energy-efficient way. Here are some of Samsung's top front and top-load washing machines for the Indian market.

The best Samsung front-load washing machines

If you are planning to buy a front-load washing machine, you can pick from these five:

1. Samsung front-load washing machine 10kg (WW10N641RBX/ TL)

This machine comes with a host of impressive features and washing modes that make washing clothes a quick and easy task.

This machine has received 5-star certification from BEE, making it the most energy-efficient model currently available in the market. Its load capacity of 10kgs makes it ideal for families with five to six members. This model works on the advanced Q-Rator smart management system, which enhances performance by using previous user interactions data. The Eco Bubble technology ensures a gentle and thorough wash even at low temperatures, while the Digital Inverter technology ensures the machine’s durability.


  • Powered by artificial intelligence
  • 5-star rating
  • Capacity - 10kgs
  • Eco Bubble technology
  • Digital Inverter technology
  • EMIs start at Rs. 5,583*

2. Samsung front-load washing machine 7kg (WW70J4243JS/ TL)

The WW70J4243JS/ TL Samsung front-load washing machine works on Eco Bubble technology that washes huge loads of laundry effectively at low temperatures. It activates the detergent by generating bubbles, allowing for a better washing experience. The digital inverter motor ensures long-lasting performance, reduces energy consumption and generates minimal noise. The sleek design of the machine and stylish silver colour allow it to integrate perfectly with the décor in your home. This model also sports the Smart Check facility to diagnose and troubleshoot problems with a handy smartphone application.


  • LED panel display
  • 5-star rating
  • Capacity - 7kgs
  • Eco Bubble technology
  • Net Weight - 58kgs
  • EMIs start at Rs. 3,636*

3. Samsung front load washing machine 6.5kg (WF1650NCW/ TL)

This washing machine comes with Diamond Drum technology, which ensures the longevity and safety of your clothes. It is harsh on stains and gentle on fabric. The washing machine has a high spin speed of 1000RPM, significantly reducing drying time. The appliance has other excellent features like the child-proof display lock system, fuzzy logic operation and anti-foam control feature. Its 6.5-kg capacity makes it the perfect washer for households with two to three people.


  • Child lock features
  • 5-star rating
  • Capacity - 6.5kgs
  • Fully automatic
  • EMIs start at Rs. 2,332*

4. Samsung front load washing machine 6kg (WW60M206LMA)

Durable, stylish and an excellent performer, the Samsung WW60M206LMA has a ceramic heater that eliminates the build-up of calcium compounds that are known to absorb extra electricity. The Volt Control system stabilises power fluctuations and safeguards your machine from harm, enhancing its longevity. The Digital Inverter motor minimises noise and the Diamond Drum washes your clothes without damaging them. The Quick Wash feature is perfect if you want to wash lightly soiled laundry in a hurry.


  • Eco Bubble wash
  • 1000 RPM spin speed
  • Capacity - 6kgs
  • Fully automatic
  • EMIs start at Rs. 2,350*

5. Samsung front-load washing machine 8kg (WW80J4243MW/ TL)

The Digital Inverter Motor of this Samsung front-load washing machine ensures the appliance lasts long and is energy-efficient. Its Bubble Technology activates the detergent by generating bubbles and thoroughly washes clothes even at low temperatures. The machine’s intensive stain removal feature delivers sparkling clean clothes after each wash by removing stubborn stains in a quick motion. The chemical-free drum sanitisation notifies you when the machine needs cleaning internally, so you can ensure that your appliance remains fresh and damage-free over the years. It comes in a classic white colour and an LED for easy control.


  • Eco Bubble wash
  • 1200RPM spin speed
  • Capacity – 8kgs
  • Net weight – 59kgs
  • EMIs start at Rs. 2,925*

Top 5 Samsung front-load washing machines (price list)

Samsung front-load washing machine 10kg (WW10N641RBX/ TL)

Rs. 67,000

Samsung front-load washing machine 7kg (WW70J4243JS/ TL)

Rs. 35,500

Samsung front-load washing machine 6.5kg (WF1650NCW/ TL)

Rs. 27,990

Samsung front-load washing machine 6kg (WW60M206LMA)

Rs. 28,200

Samsung front-load washing machine 8kg (WW80J4243MW/ TL)

Rs. 39,890

Samsung top-load washing machines

Now that you have seen the best front-load washing machines by Samsung in India, have a look at the top five top-load washing machines by the brand.

1. Samsung top-load fully automatic washing machine 7.5kg (WA75F4H6QWP/ TL)

The Samsung fully automatic washing machine (WA75F4H6QWP/ TL) is arguably the best top-load model available in the market. The appliance’s Wobble Wash technology removes even the toughest of stains, and its 3D Dynamic Wash also increases washing power using 30% less water. The Air Turbo drying system dries clothes instantly, while the appliance’s Diamond Drum design ensures that it is extremely gentle on your clothes while facilitating a thorough wash. With additional features like the Sari Course and Aqua Preserve, this washing machine ensures the clothes come out fresh and clean.


  • Wobble Wash technology
  • 700RPM spin speed
  • Capacity - 7.5kgs
  • Net weight – 31kgs
  • EMIs start at - Rs. 1,588*

2. Samsung top-load semi-automatic washing machine 8.5kg (WT85M4200HB/ TL)

The Samsung WT85M4200HB/ TL is a semi-automatic washing machine that offers a hassle-free laundry experience. The Double Storm Pulsator, Silver Nano technology and other features ensure that your clothes not only get cleaned, but also appear as good as new. While the Silver Nano technology prevents the growth of bacteria and mould in the clothes, the Double Storm Pulsator delivers intensive water showers to ensure maximum cleaning without tangling the clothes. Even in the most humid climate, the Air Dry Turbo feature hastens the drying process.


  • Eco Bubble wash
  • 1350RPM spin speed
  • Capacity - 8.5kgs
  • Net weight – 31kgs
  • EMIs start at - Rs. 1,266*

3. Samsung top-load washing machine 9kg (WA90J5730SS/ TL)

Look no further than the WA90J5730SS/ TL if you are looking for a heavy-load Samsung washing machine. The top-load system ensures easy loading of laundry. With a mammoth capacity of 9kgs, the machine can handle a large batch of laundry without compromising performance or harming the appliance’s functioning. The Wobble Pulsator technology dispenses water from horizontal and vertical directions, delivering thorough yet gentle cleaning. The five-step super clean technology washes your laundry systematically to remove the toughest stains.


  • Wobble Pulsator wash
  • 700RPM spin speed
  • Capacity – 9kgs
  • Net weight – 41kgs
  • EMIs start at - Rs. 1,933*

4. Samsung top-load fully automatic washing machine 9kg (WA90F5S4QTA/ TL)

Sporting a sleek, functional design, the Samsung fully automatic washing machine (WA90F5S4QTA/ TL) comes with innovative Wobble technology, ensuring a 360-degree cleaning of your clothes. The washing machine boasts dynamic water movement and Diamond Drum design, which keeps your laundry tangle-free by significantly reducing pulling forces and friction. The machine’s Digital Inverter Motor technology increases its lifespan and ensures that it remains energy-efficient. With additional features like Magic Filter to keep the clothes lint-free and the Air Turbo Drying System, which dries your clothes instantly, this fully automatic washing machine is in a league of its own.


  • Wobble technology
  • 700RPM spin speed
  • Capacity – 9kgs
  • Net weight – 42kgs
  • EMIs start at - Rs. 1,722*

5. Samsung top-load fully automatic washing machine 11kg (WA11F5S4QTA/ TL)

Your search for an elegant, futuristic washing machine ends with the Samsung fully automatic (WA11F5S4QTA/ TL). With its mammoth 11kgs load capacity, you no longer have to depend on multiple wash cycles. This washing machine comes with state-of-the-art technology, such as Wobble Wash technology and Diamond Drum design, which remove dirt and other stains quickly and effectively while being extremely gentle on your clothes. The machine’s Air Turbo Drying System also dries your clothes quickly without you having to wait, making it the perfect appliance for you and your family.


  • Centre Jet Pulsator wash
  • 740RPM spin speed
  • Capacity - 11kgs
  • Net weight - 24.5kgs
  • EMIs start at - Rs. 1,938*

The top 5 Samsung top-load washing machines (price list)

Samsung top-load fully automatic washing machine 7.5kg (WA75F4H6QWP/ TL)

Rs. 28,590

Samsung top-load semi-automatic washing machine (WT85M4200HB/ TL)

Rs. 14,900

Samsung top-load washing machine (WA90J5730SS/ TL)

Rs. 34,600

Samsung top-load fully automatic washing machine 9kg (WA90F5S4QTA/ TL)

Rs. 31,900

Samsung top-load semi-automatic washing machine 11kg (WA11F5S4QTA/ TL)

Rs. 34,900

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