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Inflation is a silent killer of savings. The rate of interest on deposits in banks is insufficient to beat inflation and meet one’s financial goals for the short term as well as the long term. To make short and loan-term financial plans viable, an individual must look beyond bank fixed deposits to be able to meet the required corpus.

Bajaj Finserv Fixed Deposit

Though different banks offer various FD and saving account rates, one needs to look at instruments such as corporate or company FDs to beat inflation and avail of best interest rates.

Limitations of Bank Interest Rates in India:

The table below represents interest rates offered by various institutions providing FD facility.
Following chart shows the prevailing interest rates in India:

FD type Tenor FD interest rates
Bank FDs 1 year- 5 years 2.5%-5.5%
NBFCs FDs 1 year-5 years 4% - 9%
Corporate FDs 1 year-5 years 7% - 9%

Thus, choosing a high creditworthy NBFC can help you gain substantial returns in the long run.
Let us look at how you can earn high returns over a 12-60 month period.

Calculating Monthly Interest for One Lakh Fixed Deposit with Bajaj Finance:

Bajaj Finance offers higher interest rate for fixed deposits when compared to other NBFCs along with the assurance of long-standing creditworthiness. An investor can make financial plans by utilizing laddering or Systematic Deposit Plans with Bajaj Finance FD. Along with the power of compounding, high interest rates by Bajaj Finance FD can help create a corpus in a disciplined manner.

Payout Frequency FD Rates
Monthly 6.97%
Quarterly 7.01%
Half-yearly 7.08%
Yearly 7.20%
5 yearly 7.20%

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Know your maturity amount with Fixed Deposit Calculator

Monthly Payout

An investor can earn monthly returns by investing in fixed deposits with different tenors. You can tailor your investments as per your financial goals by using the Bajaj FD calculator available online. You can determine the monthly interest on your deposit using this instrument available on the Bajaj Finserv website. Following table shows the cumulative interest rate for 5 year tenor, which will be offered to customers on a monthly basis.

Investment amount Cumulative interest for 5 years Maturity amount
1 lakh Rs. 34,850 Rs. 1,34,850
5 lakh Rs. 1,74,250 Rs. 6,74,250
10 lakh Rs.3,48,500 Rs.13,60,500
15 lakh Rs. 5,40,750 Rs. 20,22,750
20 lakh Rs. 6,97,000 Rs. 26,97,000

If you deposit Rs. 1 Lakh for 5 years, then your first years the total interest earned will be Rs. 7,197, after the second year it will be Rs. 14,912, after three years Rs. 23,182 and after four years Rs. 32,048. Different interest amount will be paid for each based on the compounding effect. You can reinvest the returns in another FD to earn more from your investments.

Monthly Interest for Senior Citizens:

Bajaj Finance FD offers senior citizens an additional 0.25% interest rate benefit. The FD rates range from 6.80% up to 7.95% for 1 year to 5 years. The investment made by them can provide high monthly interest for offline and online deposits. cumulative interest rate for 5 years, which will be paid to customers on a monthly basis.

Investment amount Cumulative interest for 5 years Maturity amount
1 lakh Rs. 36,050 Rs. 1,36,050
5 lakh Rs. 1,80,250 Rs. 6,80,250
10 lakh Rs. 3,60,500 Rs. 13,60,500
15 lakh Rs. 5,40,750 Rs. 20,40,750
20 lakh Rs. 7,21,000 Rs. 27,21,000

For a Rs. 1 Lakh FD, the cumulative interest earned after 5 years is Rs. 36,050 for senior citizens, received every month. They can plan monthly expenditure and emergency funds with such returns and payouts.

You can choose the periodic withdrawals for the interest and you can also choose to keep the interest in the account till maturity. If you keep your money in the account for 5 years, the amount will get a high growth rate. The table below is showing the growth in the fixed deposit interest with an investment of 1 lakh for 5 years:

Type of investor Investment Interest with investment Growth%
Non-senior citizen (online) 1 lakh Rs. 1,34,850 34.85%
Senior citizen 1 lakh Rs. 1,36,050 36.05%

Fixed deposit interest rates in India varies from one financial institution to another. High interest rates on fixed deposits with the assurance of high credit rating is provided by Bajaj Finance with stable ICRA and CRISIL ratings. You can earn a high amount of monthly interest as well as the total interest value on the invested funds.