Monthly Interest Rates for Rs. 6 lakh Fixed Deposit

Understand how much monthly interest you can earn on Rs. 6 lakh FD.
Rs. 6 lakh FD
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28 February 2024

As a young investor, if you are looking for a secure investment option, fixed deposits can be a great start. FD offers a fixed rate of interest, which means you can predict how much you'll earn on your investment. When considering fixed deposits, you need to compare interest rates offered by different banks and financial institutions and check the minimum deposit required to earn the advertised interest rate.

It is essential to consider financial goals and investment tenure when choosing the right deposit scheme. A longer investment tenure can provide higher interest rates, but keep in mind that you would be unable to withdraw your funds before maturity.

Things to consider before making any investment decision

There are few things you should consider before making an investment.

  1. You should develop a clear understanding of your financial goal and risk tolerance.
  2. Consider how well the investment might perform. You should assess the potential of the investment, including past performance, future market trends, and realistic expectations of return on investment.
  3. Compare different investment options and choose the one that offers the best balance between risk and return. Additionally, you should ensure that you invest in a regulated and reputable institution and read the terms and conditions of the investment agreement carefully.

It is also useful to seek the opinion of a financial advisor before making any investment decisions. By considering these factors, you can minimise risk and maximise the potential return on your investments, ultimately improving your long-term financial security and growth.

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Monthly interest income on a Rs. 6 lakh fixed deposit

The monthly interest payout for a Rs. 6 Lakh fixed deposit varies depending on financial institution and the tenure of the deposit. For example, if the interest rate on FD is 8% p.a., then the monthly payout for Rs. 6 lakh investment would be Rs. 4,000.

Here the table showing how much interest you can earn at different interest rates if you invest Rs. 6 lakh in a FD


Interest rate(p.a.)

Interest per month

Rs. 6 lakh


Rs. 3,000.00

Rs. 6 lakh


Rs. 3,250.00

Rs. 6 lakh


Rs. 3,500.00

Rs. 6 lakh


Rs. 3,750.00

Rs. 6 lakh


Rs. 4,000.00

Rs. 6 lakh


Rs. 4,250.00

Rs. 6 lakh


Rs. 4,500.00

Rs. 6 lakh


Rs. 4,750.00

Rs. 6 lakh


Rs. 5,000.00

You can use the Bajaj Finance FD calculator to estimate the potential returns on your fixed deposit investment.

TDS on fixed deposit

TDS refers to Tax Deducted at Source. Banks and NBFC’s deduct a certain percentage as tax before crediting the interest earned on fixed deposits to the account of the depositor. The deducted amount is then given to the central government. Currently the TDS rate on FD is 10%. It is applied if the interest income exceeds a specified threshold, which is currently Rs. 40,000 per annum for individuals and Rs. 50,000 for senior citizens.


Investing Rs. 6 lakh in a Fixed deposit can be an excellent option to start building your financial portfolio. However, before making an investment, it is advisable to compare the interest rates offered by different financial institutions and choose a deposit scheme that aligns with your financial goals and objectives.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Digital FD offered by Bajaj Finance?

Bajaj Finance has launched a new FD type called "Bajaj Finance Digital FD" for a period of 42 months. Bajaj Finance is providing one of the highest interest rates of up to 8.85% p.a. for senior citizens and for the customers below the age of 60 they are providing up to 8.60% p.a. The Digital FD can be booked and managed only through the Bajaj Finserv website or app.

How much tax will I have to pay on my Rs. 6 lakh FD?

The tax you pay on your FD interest depends on your tax bracket and other factors. It's recommended to consult a tax advisor for personalized advice.

What are the documents required to open an FD?

To open an FD with Bajaj Finance, you are required to provide PAN and any KYC document such as Aadhar card, Passport, Driving license, or Voter ID.


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For the FD calculator the actual returns may vary slightly if the Fixed Deposit tenure includes a leap year.