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25 May 2021

Students, your key demographic, are showered with choices, and selecting a university is no different. To promote your university, it is important to understand what truly holds value for students. After that, you can tailor your marketing campaign with ease. Students usually make decisions about a university on a number of factors that range from career options, physical location, peer reviews, funding assistance and course material. By segmenting your students by their area of study or age, you can improve your marketing approach.

Here are 6 ways through which you can successfully promote your university:

1. Account for how discerning the youth is

With increased mobile penetration in India comes increased awareness, especially when it comes to millennials and Generation Z, who are your target audience. So, create your marketing plan taking into consideration the amplified access to information at your students’ fingertips. Factor things like extracurriculars, funding, scholarships, food, entertainment, course structure and more into your marketing efforts.

2. Give importance to student-to-student marketing

By involving your current students in your university’s marketing activities, you give your brand a more authentic voice. Interact with your current students to create fresh and original content and even get them on-board to design some of the marketing material. Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University is a good example of how students can be incorporated into the marketing process efficiently. This way you can appeal to prospective students in a more appealing and credible fashion.

3. Focus on career opportunities

Despite great infrastructure and well-versed professors, your university needs to highlight career opportunities for each course on offer. You may also offer placements or counselling support to students, so ensure you promote these facts in your marketing efforts. There is nothing more convincing that employment potential to have a student pick your college.

4. Structure content by degree programmes and levels

It is important to segment potential students based on the level of education they are applying for. That means the approach you take towards graduate, post-graduate and doctorate students cannot be covered under one umbrella. Target demographics such as the age, interest and subjects. Then create a road map to better create a marketing plan for that kind of student.

5. Select the right channels

As a university, it is important that you are present on multiple digital channels and platforms. It is equally important that the content you are uploading on each of these platforms is apt. Student success stories, job placements, posts on a new class you have added and highlighting a new student each day are some of the ways you can leverage social media marketing. Stay up to date with technology and research best practices to promote only what is relevant on your pages and platforms. Emphasise your understanding of youth culture while maintaining the dignity and seriousness of an educational institute.

6. Stress on campus tour promotions

After generating a lead, you are one step closer to your goal of getting a student enrolled to your university. At this stage, it is crucial that you deliver the university experience to the student. For a student, a campus tour plays a big role in his/ her decision-making process and is often listed as one of the most important influencers alongside college reputation and career opportunities. This gives the student a flavour of what his/ her life will be until the end of their course.

With these 6 steps you can tailor your university’s promotional activities to increase enrolment. To action these steps, take the help of qualified marketing agencies and hire an in-house digital marketing team to create content and make the most of social media. You can rely on a business loan from Bajaj Finserv to get finance up to 80 lakh without any collateral at a competitive interest rate within 24 hours. To speed up the process further, you can check your pre-approved loan offers and get immediate cash with minimal paperwork.

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