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How mobile medical care facility or mHealth boosts profitability for doctors

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  • 59% patients in emerging markets, use at least one mobile-health app/service

  • M-health gives patients direct control over their diagnosis & treatment

  • Helps doctors diagnose, monitor, consult, and treat common diseases

Mobile Health, also referred to as mHealth, is a rapidly growing domain in India and all over the globe. Understood as practice and delivery of healthcare services and information through a mobile device, mHealth is a popular trend today among health professionals and the people at large
A recent global study conducted for PwC Global Healthcare by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), finds that more than half of doctors and consumers around the world, including 60% in India sees the widespread adoptation of mobile technology in health care as inevitable.
“The adoption of mobile health in emerging markets like India versus developed markets is a paradox. In developed markets, mHealth is perceived as disrupting the status quo, whereas in emerging countries it is seen as creating a new market, full of opportunities and growth potential” says Dr. Rana Mehta, Healthcare Leader, PwC India

The study report also includes findings of two surveys conducted by the EIU, one for consumers and one for doctors:

• In 59 percent of all emerging markets, patients use at least one mHealth application or service
• Nearly half of the consumers expect that mHealth will change the way they manage chronic conditions, their medication, and their overall health
• 6 in 10 consumers expect mHealth to change the way they seek information on health issues
• Nearly two-thirds of doctors said that mHealth offers exciting possibilities

The mHealth services market in India is expected to be worth USD 435 million by 2019. With mHealth steadily growing as a technology-oriented consumer-focused dimension in healthcare, it is a profitable avenue for doctors, hospitals and medical professionals to invest in. A good financing option to tap on this booming market could be a Business Loan for Doctors.

Mobile Medical Care Applications in India

Call Ambulance is a one-stop mobile app for all kinds of medical emergencies. When a person seeks an ambulance using the app, his or her location is shared with the nearest hospital via GPS technology. Ambulance drivers are able to navigate to the location easily. The app will also notify the nearest first responder, who will come for first aid before the ambulance arrives.
It notifies the patient’s family, ambulance manager, alerts ambulance driver and eventually the doctor on duty at the destination hospital. The doctor can see the stored medical history and be ready to treat the incoming patient. The app is therefore, a life-saving one-tap-away solution for all emergency situations.
Wockhardt Foundation’s Mobile1000 initiative envisions to provide 1000 mobile health Vans, in aid of free primary healthcare to 25 million people in rural India. 84 Mobile1000 vans are operating across the country, providing help to 25,000 patients per year per van. Mobile1000 has helped over 170 lakh patients with free medicines.
HelpAge India’s main aim is to make basic healthcare available to 1 million under-served rural and urban people, particularly the elderly. Currently, they are reaching out to 1383 community locations and plan to reach out to communities from 2000 site locations by 2020. The Mobi-Health Unit (MHU) involves a four-wheeler with customised fabrication done to carry medicines, consumables and equipment.

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Mobile Medical Care and the Physician

• Mobile health apps are also being widely used by doctors in their daily practice. Mobile care offerings help doctors diagnose, monitor, consult, and treat common diseases. As mHealth enables doctors to look up information from the patient’s bedside, it saves time and helps them provide optimum treatment.
Also, with apps readily available on smartphones and tablets, doctors can avail advantage of flexible access to medical information. They can easily access quality resources and take important decisions on the clinical care of a patient.
UpToDate is one such app that provides common questions that physicians generally ask when they see a patient. It also provides recommendations with regard to the course of treatment.
Doctors, healthcare professionals, hospitals and diagnostic centers can exploit the growing prevalence of mobile medical care among people, and enhance their reach and repute with a Business Loan for Doctors. These custom-made loans for doctors help you to expand your scale of operations and reach out to untapped markets by providing mobile medical care facilities can involve funding and aiding patients with real-time communication and speedy treatment.

Mobile Medical Care and the Consumer

A study suggests that 70 percent of the people worldwide are interested in having access to at least one mHealth application, and they are willing to pay for it.
Mobile health gives patients direct control of their diagnosis and treatment. They provide early warnings and key information about an illness, thus empowering patients to choose between immediate visits or waiting for appointments.
Consumer electronics companies are already cashing in on the growing demand for devices and services that help people remain fit and mentally alert. Cardiac monitoring and fitness tracking are also the most prominent applications of mobile-enabled connected devices.
The popularity of mHealth is rapidly expanding among consumers. Common aspects of mHealth from a consumer’s perspective include:
- Locating healthcare service providers
- Comparing prescription fees and treatment costs
- Enhancing health and wellness efforts
- Seeking information on medical conditions or terms

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