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GST Payment - How to make GST payment online

  • Highlights

  • Login to the GST portal to make GST payment

  • You can pay GST online or offline

  • Generate challan online as a proof of GST payment

  • Pay GST on time to avoid 18% interest charges

Any business owner or a self-employed professional associated with the purchase or supply of goods and services is required to file GST. If you belong to this category, based on the timeline for filing GST, you will have to make GST payment. Here’s what you need to know about your GST payment due and how to pay it.

What is GST payment?

Deduce your Input Tax Credit and subtract it from your Outward Tax Liability to compute your total GST payment amount. To this amount, add the interest or late fee charges, if any and subtract the TDS/TCS charges. This way you will be able to arrive at the exact figure for your GST payment. After calculating the GST amount, proceed to paying it.

GST payment process

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How to pay GST online or offline

  • Step 1: As a regular tax payer, registered with GST, you can proceed to the official GST website to login to your account.

  • Step 2: After you login, proceed to the ‘payments’ section listed under the ‘services’ tab. Here, select ‘create challan’ option.

  • Step 3: Next, in the challan enter every amount properly under each head. Then, select the payment method.

  • Step 4: Once you fill in the particulars, under headers like CGST, IGST, CESS, among others, click ‘create challan’. In case of doubt, you can click the ‘save’ option and retain the challan for future. This way, you can make as many changes to the challan, anytime you want through your registered account. Hit ‘create challan’ only when you are absolutely sure of the details you have entered.

  • Step 5: After the challan is generated, you will have to proceed with the GST payment. Here you can choose from 3 options: make an over-the-counter payment at your nearest bank or do an online payment using net banking/ debit card/credit card or simply make the payment via NEFT/ RTGS.

  • Step 6: Based on your preferred payment method, you can carry out an online or offline GST payment. In case of online payment, as soon as the payment is done you will get an acknowledgment and will be allowed to download the challan. When paying at your local branch, you will receive a printout acknowledgement. However, irrespective of how you pay GST, you will have to generate the paid receipt or final challan online. Retain a copy of your GST payment receipt; this will work as a proof in future.

It is important to note that if your tax liability is more than Rs.10,000, it is mandatory for you to pay taxes online.

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When can you make GST payment?

You will have to pay your GST on a monthly basis, just after you file your GSTR 3B return. This means you will have to pay and file your return for the previous month by the 20th of the next month. Earlier the payment coincided with GSTR 3 return, which stands suspended at the moment.

To avoid fines and interest charges make full GST payment on a timely basis. In case you delay the payment or pay lower than your dues, you will be charged 18% interest on your dues. That’s why, set a reminder for yourself, so that you never have to miss paying your GST on time.

GST Payment Forms

For dealers liable to pay GST online in India, the below GST payment forms are essential-

Form GST PMT-01 Maintains the electronic tax liability register
Form GST PMT-02 Maintains the electronic credit ledger
Form GST PMT-03 Includes order of rejection of claim for refund of balance in electronic credit ledger/electronic cash ledger, issued by an authorised officer
Form GST PMT-04 Use the form to communicate any discrepancy in your electronic credit ledger
Form GST PMT-05 Maintains the electronic cash ledger
Form GST PMT-06 Includes challan for payment of tax, interest, penalty, fees or any other amount
Form GST PMT-07 Use the form to communicate if your bank account has been debited but CIN has not been generated or CIN has been generated but not reflecting on the GST portal

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