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  • #FinanceYourCAFirmTheFlexiWay using the Flexi Loan

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  • Replenish your working capital to fuel growth

Whether you help your clients be tax-compliant with last-minute asks, make urgent investments, and audit books before a crucial merger, you may not always receive your dues on time. In such cases, you may experience gaps in working capital that pose a threat to the smooth sailing of your practice. To keep such delays in receivables from hampering your operations, avail a Bajaj Finserv Flexi Loan for Chartered Accountants, a tailor-made funding solution to suit your professional needs. Take note of how a Flexi Loan can prove to be your best bet.

Instant approval and disbursal cuts delays in meeting expenses

Bajaj Finserv offers instant approval on your loan application. This means you can #FinanceYourCAFirmTheFlexiWay with a quick approval and disbursal within 72 hours. This kind of speed is possible due to the lender’s simple eligibility criteria, which is tailored for CAs and minimal documentation.

You can also hasten your loan application process by applying using a pre-approved offer. This process is highly effective and doesn’t require you to start your application process from scratch, but allows you to select a customised deal that best suits you. This way, you can even upgrade your tax filing software with immediate effect in order to comply with the latest changes in the norms, without wasting a precious day!

Flexible withdrawals to meet business needs as and when they arise

Sometimes, you may not be sure about the total cost involved in setting up a new practice in an upcoming business district or find that you need to make frequent payments towards renovation and remodelling. When you don’t estimate the right loan amount, applying for a loan becomes difficult. Also, you may experience a shortage of funds over time due to which you may have to apply for additional credit and apply for a loan all over again. To make it easier for you to address unpredictable financial needs, Bajaj Finserv offers the Flexi Loan facility that allows you to withdraw from your total sanction in parts, as per your need. Since you only pay interest on the amount you use, you can repay more comfortably.

Access to high-value loan amount to expand your operations

The Bajaj Finserv Flexi Business Loan for Chartered Accountant offers a big-ticket loan amount of up to Rs.32 lakh. With such substantial funds at your disposal, meeting your working capital needs, software purchase costs, hiring expenses and everything else is easy. You can indeed #FinanceYourCAFirmTheFlexiWay with this loan! Since this loan is collateral-free, you don’t have to pledge any security and pay the nominal interest rates offered to you.

Flexi Loans for CAs

Manage your cash flow better to keep your practice up and running

Bajaj Finserv understands how critical it is to have a healthy cash flow to run your practice. Therefore, through the Flexi Loan facility, you can choose to pay only the interest as EMI and repay the principal sum borrowed at the end of the tenor, when you have received payments from clients. This way, you can save up to 45% on your EMIs and manage your cash flow better.

Prepay your loan and replenish the account to use the funds again

Finally, you can also choose to prepay your loan as and when you have enough funds at your disposal without paying any charges. This lets you replenish your overall sanction limit and reuse it as when the need arises. This can be a boon as you will always have access to funds and thus, don’t have to miss out on any opportunity, whether it is attending a conference on a new specialisation like forensic accounting or setting up a new office in another city.

Put off any delays and give your working capital the required financial boost to optimise your cash flow. With easy and instant access to a high-value loan amount, you can address any business need in a jiffy and accelerate your growth. The next time you face scarcity of working capital, look no further than the Bajaj Finserv Flexi Loan for Chartered Accountant. Check your pre-approved offer now and apply now using a customised deal to #FinanceYourCAFirmTheFlexiWay.

Chartered Accountant Loan

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