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Digital Dentistry The Future of Your Dental Practice

  • Highlights

  • What is digital dentistry

  • Major applications

  • Advantages and drawbacks

  • Factors to success

Modern day dentistry is often termed as - Digital Dentistry, representing high tech and easy to implement solutions. Digital Dentistry is termed as the use of technology and devices to perform dental procedures instead of using mechanical or electrical means.
The following are some of the major areas in digital dentistry -

- CAD/CAM (computer aided design/manufacturing) devices for bio-printing
- Intraoral imaging and photography
- 3D printing
- Caries diagnosis
- Computer aided implant dentistry
- Digital radiography
- Cone beam computed tomography
- Electrical and surgical implants
- Lasers
- Occlusion and TMJ diagnosis and analysis

- Digital record management
- Shade matching
Introducing new technologies can be a disruptive process, and for the same reason it can take up-to 25 years to fully implement a new technology. However, an integral part of implementing digital dentistry is understanding how can it impact the work of dental practitioners. The advantages associated are -
1 Cost and time efficiency
2 Improved accuracy
3 Predictable outcome

Yet like any other form of technology digital dentistry is also not free from drawbacks. The major drawback related to digital dentistry is ‘cost’ and as a result still retaining its “early adopter” stage. Shining3d Scanner DS-300 comes with a price tag of Rs.7,45,137. Intraoral scanners can cost anywhere between Rs.19,43,840 to Rs.32,39,730. However, you can overcome this drawback by availing a business loan for doctors offering funds up to Rs.35 lakh.

How doctors can take their practice to the next level

How your practice can benefit from Business Loan for Doctors

Your practice can manage its day-to-expenses like paying staff, maintaining a health cash flow, etc. and meet expansion needs such as upgrading to the latest equipment and technology, buying a new clinic space, etc. with a Business Loan for Doctors offering capital up to Rs.35 lakh.

Another drawback can be lack of knowledge and appropriate training of your workforce. Before adopting any new technology it is important to invest in training your existing your workforce or hiring new personnel. If the cost of such investment exceeds your current budget or puts pressure on your cash flow, you can use funds procured from a business loan for doctor for this purpose.
Here is how you can achieve success in digital dentistry
- Doctor centric service: Evaluate your work flow, clinical skills, team behavior and leadership style.

Accordingly planning how to adopt these new technologies and help your staff overcome the learning curve.
- 100-day plan: Break down your long-term goals into more realistic short term 100 day plans. These plans help you mobilize the required training support necessary for improving service quality, productivity and achieve greater ROI.
Patience is a virtue: Be prepared to meet some roadblocks and speed bumps. All new technologies are met with their share of opposition, do not loose heart. Encourage your staff to learn new skills, take their feedback into account and provide all necessary resources to ensure success.

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