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  • Personal loan for self-employed is a flexible loan option

  • You can use the loan for business and personal needs

  • Bajaj Finserv’s Flexi Loan facility enhances ease of use

  • You can get the loan quickly with approval in 24 hours

As a self-employed professional, you know that there’s no dearth of financing options available to you. In such a scenario, zeroing in on the right option is tremendously important, as it determines just how beneficial your decision to borrow finance will be. Needless to say, the more flexible a loan option is, the more useful it’s likely to be. This is precisely why you should consider taking a personal loan for self-employed professionals the next time you need to raise finance from an external source.

Offered to you by NBFCs such as Bajaj Finserv, a Personal Loan for Self-Employed is a beneficial proposition as it’s more flexible than the average business loan offered by your bank. It doesn’t involve high costs, and you can borrow a substantial amount of up to Rs.20 lakh without pledging collateral. On the contrary, the bog-standard business loan offered by banks is expensive and may require collateral or an impressive business vintage. More importantly, is complicated to apply for as you’re required to furnish details such as your cash flow, revenue and other specifics.

Best of all, since it’s a personal loan for self-employed, you can use it in myriad situations, unlike conventional forms of business financing. Take a look at what these scenarios are.

Personal needs

As the name suggests, you can use a personal loan for self-employed professionals for just about any personal need that you may have. From planned ones such as a home renovation or vacation in Egypt to unplanned ones such as medical emergencies and consolidating mounting debt, how you use the amount is entirely up to you. Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan eligibility criteria are simple to meet with minimal documentation requirements, making this loan from is the perfect fit.

Business needs

Additionally, you can earmark a part of the loan for your business needs. Whether you need to modify vans for your food truck venture, hire chefs or procure equipment and necessary licenses, the high loan amount that’s available with a 24-hour approval window will help you do it all with ease. Similarly, you can make up for cash flow shortages while you wait for clients to pay their invoices or hire additional workforce to meet a short-term spike in demand with equal ease. The option to apply online makes the entire process all the more seamless.

All about Personal Loan for self-employed individuals

Additionally, what makes a Personal Loan For Self-Employed from Bajaj Finserv a good pick in any scenario, is the fact that you can avail the Flexi Loan facility. Simply put, this means that you can borrow from the total sanction in bits, as and when you need funds. You have to pay interest only on the amount that you utilise and not on the entire sanction, but more importantly, you have the option to pay interest-only EMIs through the tenor. By being able to pay the principal at the end of the repayment window, you can manage your finances more prudently and ensure that taking a loan doesn’t become a strain.

Packed with features and a low interest rate, it’s easy to see why this Bajaj Finserv offering is worth its weight in gold. In fact, to make the borrowing process as straightforward as possible, remember to check your pre-approved offer in under a minute. Making use of this nifty resource will help you access customised deals as well as express approval and disbursal.


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