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25 May 2021

Urban cities in India with populations over 40 lakh have over 50,000 rickshaws. Smaller cities have around 15,000 rickshaws, not to mention the countless bikes. This shows you that the scope for a repair centre is ample. The only question you need to ask yourself is how you can accelerate your growth. In India, bike and auto rickshaw repair centres are a dime a dozen. In order to make your business stand out, you need to distinguish yourself from the many competitors that you have.

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1. Use data to improve business operation

The day-to-day decisions you make regarding your workshop should be driven by data. This is because following an ad-hoc approach increases the degree of risk and room for error. So, buy machinery and software that offer accurate readings instead of relying on your technician’s visual assessment. Then, implement computerised systems to increase the speed of output wherever possible. Use software to track customer and vehicle repair history, and to maintain accounts. Invest in shop management software to streamline processes such as scheduling shifts and billing your clients.

Just like hospitals send you reminders about a doctor’s appointment, you too can send reminders to your clients about scheduled servicing using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Software like RAMP help you take care of your business’ myriad aspect with equal ease.

2. Invest in targeted advertisements

Start with taking a closer look at the publications that your customer base frequently reads. For instance, you may find that regional newspapers are read more than English ones by your target demographic. So, place an advertisement in the former. Instead of sending out emails and newsletters without any direction, take the effort to target a more specific segment. Opt for paid advertisements online so that you gain visibility when people search for services similar to your line of business. Take the time to list areas have two-wheeler and three-wheeler traffic and promote your store there using fliers, posters and hoardings. You can even consider walking down to the nearest rickshaw stand and getting acquainted with the drivers and offer them your services or register with aggregators who offer such information via an application.

3. Pay attention to the customer’s requirements

The best way to create a loyal customer is to listen to them. Ensure that you’re not forcing your opinion on to them, but trying to find a solution that is acceptable to your customer. Having a conversation will allow you to go beyond enquiring why they have visited you. For instance, if you notice someone who has come in for an oil change complaining about the headlights fogging up, you can suggest taking care of it at a discount. Alternatively, if it is a small job, you can simply do it for free. This will go a long way in impressing your customers and building strong relationships.

4. Take time out to assess your return on investment

Periodically, take a step back to assess if your efforts are actually helping you. The last thing you want is to keep pumping money into avenues that aren’t offering the desired lead generations and conversions. Evaluate what works and what doesn’t, and use the learning to adapt your approach. For example, if you print banners and pamphlets and hire sales people to visit a bike meet and it doesn’t translate to new clients, you might be more cautious the second time.

5. Upgrade your skills and knowledge

By upgrading your technical knowledge, you will be able to cater to your clients better. For example, your centre may be located in an area where consumers own superbikes or custom bikes. Make sure you can cater to their needs by hiring a specialist and having the needed equipment. Also, based on services most customers ask for, ensure you have ample spare parts in your possession. Moreover, check whether your methods can be improved upon to better the quality of your work and customer satisfaction. Looking into these finer aspects will go a long way in growing your profits.

By following these simple steps and adopting a strategic approach to running your 2-3-wheeler repair business, you will be able to increase your output and client base substantially.


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