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25 May 2021

Whether you have a new or used car dealership, an automobile accessories store, or an auto service station, you can boost the sales of your automobile business with proper marketing initiatives. While you focus on hiring efficient staff and offer customers top-notch service, marketing in the right channels can help bring you new clients without spending absurd amounts. In order to secure finance for these activities, take a collateral-free Business Loan from Bajaj Finserv. This way you can access up to Rs. 80 lakh at a nominal interest within just 48 hours to put your marketing plans in action.

Take a look at the 5 customer-oriented marketing strategies that will work best for your automobile business.

1. Pay attention to search engine rankings

Often, customers search for an auto business based on location. The closer you are to them, the more likely they are to visit you. So, ensure your dealership is on the first page of search engine rankings using the right keywords and paid advertising. Apart from Google, you can also register your business on apps and other websites that list service businesses like MapsOfIndia and Just Dial. Ensure that your website is also SEO-enabled and increases the likelihood of customers finding your business online.

2. Leverage social media marketing

When it comes to automobiles, consumers are increasingly relying on digital content to know more before buying a new car or getting their car serviced. So, make an impact by posting blogs and social media posts to create awareness. If you have a new car dealership, you can post about the cars you sell, trends in the automobile industry, or your after-sales service to attract new customers. Regular posting and good content will position you as reliable and increase the footfall at your place of business.

3. Post videos or real stories online

Showing is better than telling when it comes to your auto business. For example, if you are selling automobile accessories, shooting a video of a customer who had his car outfitted with customised floor mats, new headlights, stylish tyres, and a brand new music system with powerful speakers roaring off in his new ride will be more convincing to potential clients than simply a list of accessories you sell. Use videos to their highest potential and appeal to your existing customers by featuring them too. You can then post and promote these videos online and via WhatsApp.

4. Start offers and promotions

Brainstorm new promotional strategies with your sales and marketing teams to increase leads for your business. Offers and promotions satisfy customers in the increasingly competitive auto market and can convert them into loyalists. Ensure you hit the common discount periods like the festive season and mid-year and end of the year sales. You can then inform prospective customers about these offers either online, via your social media handles or website, and even offline via newspaper ads, radio ads and standees. Offering free services like a free inspection of a car to suggest accessories to customers can be very attractive to your customers too.

5. Offer freebies for referrals and testimonials

Since the auto business is driven by consumer reviews and referrals, it is in your best interest that your existing and satisfied customers do your marketing for you. So, incentivise these referrals by giving a gift or discount to regular customers. For example, you can offer a few car wash to a customer who brings in a new client to your business.

Your auto business can market itself effectively by realising one important fact: customers will ask their friends and go online before even approaching you. So, no matter how good your services or products, digital and referral marketing is the key to increasing your business’ bottom line. To keep your cash flow strong for everyday days, you can rely on a pre-approved loan offer from Bajaj Finserv and ease your borrowing experience. This way you can get money in bank with just 1-step verification and finance your marketing without compromise or delay.

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